Silver Frost Rodentry opened in late 2008, based in Brisbane, QLD and is registered with the Australian rodent fanciers society- QLD. Silver Frost started off breeding mice and rats, but due to time restrictions we now focus solely on rats.

We specialises in healthy, well socialised rats for pet and show; with a special love of the blazed markings, rex & silk coats and mink, blue & ruby eyed colours.


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4 April 2011: Happy world rat day everyone! Willow celebrated the day by welcoming a massive 15 babies into the world! She's taking to motherhood very well, i'm sure if any rat can cope with such a huge litter its her =).

3 April 2011: LIL Ebony gave birth two 11 babies yesterday, and LIL Willow is expected to give birth any time now.

28 August, 2010: We don't have any litters planned for the next few months as life is quite hectic right now, but we're planning a litter in conjunction with Little Rascals rattery in a few months of double rex, patchwork rex and double rex silks in a variety of colours. More information when the time is closer!

14 April, 2010: Nessie has eepers! Check the litters page for more details!

28 March, 2010: SFR Nessie and TRP Cooper have been paired up. Check the litters page for more details!