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Parent's Photos and Health Testing

Here is the new Sire, Sawyer. He is a chocolate/parchment Australian Labradoodle.
He is registered with ALAA (#033244).

He is from this breeder---> He started out chocolate but has faded to partial tan (like our silvers come from black puppies). He is 55 lbs. He has a very soft, wavy fur that we prefer to keep on the shorter side; like all our dogs. Since we are outdoors a lot and he like to run and play and chase squirrels, it is much easier for us to keep him from getting burrs in his fur this way. 

His Health Testing:
Hips: Normal/PennHIP 90% ! (That is the best I have ever seen!)
Elbows: Normal/OFA Preliminary
Thyroid: Normal OFA/Michigan State
Heart: Normal OFA
Eyes (prcd for PRA): Normal/Optigen
Type I vWD: Clear/VetGen
IC: Normal/Optigen

Sheba is a F1b Silverdoodle. (Silver Goldendoodle) :

They are from our original litters and are therefore related (siblings) to every dog you see on our website (except Sawyer above).
Sheba represents a more plush and teddybear-like coat. This coat, if taken care of and properly groomed, can be very soft and fluffy. The other coat, represented by Coco, is very soft and fine. It is what I like to call a sport-coat. I like to keep is short and it really shows off how athletic these dogs are.

Hips: Normal
Type I and II vWD: Normal
PRA for Golden Retriever 1, 2 and prcd: Normal
Neonatal encephalopathy w/seizures: Normal
Ichthyosis (Golden Retriever type): Normal
Degenerative myelopathy: Normal
Cone Degeneration: Negative
Retinal Dystrophy: Negative
Myotonia Congenita: Negative
PRA RCD-3/PRAG/RCD1-cGMP: Negative
Hypothyroidism: Negative
Canine Leucocyte Adhesion Deficiency: Negative
Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinoses CLN2-TPP1/CLN8/CLN5_B_C: Negative
Cystinuria: Negative
Narcolepsy: Negative
Muscular Dystrophy: Negative
Globoid Cell Leucodystrophy: Negative
vWD_Kooiker: Negative
GM1 Gangliosidosis_portug/_shiba: Negative
Mucopolysaccharidosis Type II: Negative
Hemophillia B: Negative
Phosphofructokinase Deficiency: Negative
Severe Combined Immunodeficiency SCIW/SCIX/SCID: Negative
Thrombasthenic Thrombopathia: Negative