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Important things to consider

1. They are affectionate!

This means they NEED your affection! This means daily/many times a day. 
I find that a morning and evening walk/run/fetch/obedience work is sufficient.  In addition, they need some evening cuddling/grooming.

If you cannot provide this daily affection, you will have an unhappy friend who will let you know by chewing on your favorite shoes.

If you are someone who is gone most of the day,  everyday, you might consider getting your dog a companion dog.

2. They need monthly to bi-monthly grooming.

The reason they do not shed like Golden Retrievers and are desired for their hypoallergenic quality, is because their coat grows rather than just falling out.  This means their coat needs to be kept well-groomed.  If it is not, your dog's comfort and even health can be jeopardized. For most people, the easiest way to do this is to take their dog to a professional groomer every month.  They will clean their ears (very important because their ear hair also grows and must be kept clean) and trim their nails.  They will keep their coat nice and short so it can be easily groomed.

3. They need space to play

Although they are not a high-energy breed, they do need to be able to get at least 15-20 minutes of good exercise each day.  It is also important to mention that these are medium to medium-large dogs; although they may think they are lap dogs, they will be around 40-50 lbs for a female and around 50-70 for a male.  This means they will need space to play.  If you do not have a large yard, it will be necessary to take them on daily walks in order to ensure they are healthy and happy.