About Us

My wife and I are both teachers.  We have five children.  I have always loved dogs and have always been around Golden Retrievers.  I have always known I would eventually want to breed at a small level.  But I am a perfectionist and was never quite ready... until I met 'Stritzer my F1 male.  From the moment I brought him home, I knew he was the one.  He is just one of those dogs that needs to pass his genes on...just because he is a great dog.   So we tested and tested and tested and tested before then looking for a good mate.  In doing so we found Asches.  And we chose her not becuase she had similar silvering qualities but because she came from the highest quality poodle and we really liked her mother.

Since then we have kept two two of our favorite females from the origial litters: both F1bs.  We additially decided compliment their qualities with those of the Australian Labradoodle.  We are very excited about the current litters.
Our dogs are a part of the family.  They live in our home and so do all the puppies.