We currently do not have any planned litters.  We have a new male and we have kept one female who we plan to test and breed in the future.

See our current litter link to for info. on next available puppies, or retired dog adoption.

What are our Silverdoodles? 

They are 1/2 Silver Goldendoodle ( F1b) and 1/2 chocolate-silver Australian Labradoodle (multigen).
We have female Silverdoodles and an Australian Labradoodle stud from
Our breed also goes by the name "Double Doodle", "North American Retriever", or even "Golden Labradoodle."
Regardless of the name, the goal is the same: a famliy-friendly, healthy, wicked-smart, beautiful dogs.

See application if you are interested.

Why Silverdoodles?

For fun really.  We started out with F1b Goldendoodles that were mostly silver/black and it just did not seem right that they were called golden.  Now that our quality of dog is synonymous with the name Silverdoodle and now that we have a chocolate-silver Australian Labradoodle in the mix, it just seemed right to keep calling them Silverdoodles.  They are the new SILVERDOODLE! 

Our goal:

To provide the best-natured and healthiest family pet possible.

The fact that they are beautiful and low-to-no-shed is just a bonus!

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