Band Updates


posted Jan 25, 2010, 2:14 PM by Susie McKean

Hey all, I’m sure you all miss my feverish and plentiful emails, but I’m going to try to let you all relax for a bit.  A few things to think about:


February 2-3:  St.Vrain Honor Band rehearsal (3-2) and rehearsal all day (3-3), and concert that night.  (those involved)

February 4: Mile High Jazz Festival.  Leaving school at 6:30am, returning 1:00pm.  (6th hour jazz only)

February 19:  Concert Camp after school.

March 5:  CBA concert band competition, during the day.

March 11-13:  Musical (for those involved)

March 17:  Small Ensembles Concert, 7pm.   (all concert band, percussion, and 8th hour jazz)

April 9:  Concert Band Camp (after school)

April 20-22: Silver Creek Large Group Festival

April 27:  CBA State Concert Band Competition

May 5-7: Skyline Jazz Fest (both jazz bands)

May 11:  Band Concert (everybody!!!)

May 29:  Graduation (all concert band and percussion)


Hope all of you are doing well, can’t wait for some spring weather!

Northern League Honor Band

posted Jan 10, 2010, 8:09 PM by Susie McKean

Hey all, if you are interested in Northern League Honor Band, let me know and we can either submit your seating audition, or record a new one.  Also, Auditions for CU honor band are on the 10th as well, you have to either go to the CU music building on that day, or have a recording submitted.  We could use the same one if you were interested.  Let me know!

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