Flash Stuff 

So yeah, I love Flash 8...a lot. Though not the artist I wish to be, I am learning how to use ActionScript, the programming language of Flash. Here's some stuff.

Two FPS bits I tried playing with sometime back. Not as good as the stuff below, but still a start.

Sniper Game

P15 (beta)


Animated by a friend and coded by me, this RPG allows you to choose the stats of both you and the computer. All moves are unlocked. The first test to see if I can make an RPG.



 A more cleaned up version of the previous game. It features a save function, multiple battles, and unlocking moves. unlike before, you can only set your stats. Some nifty artwork as well!



Test code for allowing the user to choose which moves he/she can have. Colours represent moves, and can only be applied to one box at a time.



A calculator I made in Java class.

DeRoze Calculator


Test code to have a battle randomly occur if the user is moving around on the field. No real battle occurs, though...just a screen.

Random Battle Simulator


Test code for an inventory. Only 9 items can be held at a time, and are "used" when clicked on in the inventory. Add an item by clicking one of the shapes.



Test code to have a character move around the screen and change locations when he hits the left/right walls.



So I'm making my own Picross game...kind of a filler game whilst I wait for the animations for the RPG...not complete, though...