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For whatever reason, reading a homemade comic book gives me thrills. Anytime I read Captain Underpants, I would always have the urge to make a comic book, and I finally made one...with the help of my best friend, Scarface, of course!

DeRoze Comics is widely known in Mr. Durnell's history classes for their humourful, educational, but most importantly humourful, comics. So far, I've made these as school projects!

And then we have a series written by me, and drawn by Scarface.

  • The Adventures of Kamikaze Kazu
  • Kamikaze Kazu and the Mutated Midget
  • Kamikaze Kazu the Vampire Slayer (no copy on record, though...)

I know, I need to add them...


Solo Work

So as part of my senior year internship, I make comics and drawings for the town library website. So why not keep record of them somewhere?


The comics star characters that are associated with DeRoze. Before viewing the comics, it's highly recommended you view this first:

Character Bios

Now enjoy!

Smoking Kills - Bill used to have a cigarette in his mouth at all times...but then it suddenly disappeared...this is the secret reason why!

The Hard Truth - No matter how dry a college says it is, there's always that group...

Birthday Chocolates - Chad gets Bill a box of chocolates for his birthday, but something isn't right...

Bill's Halloween - Bill's not amused by Chad's attempt to scare him.

Character Cookies - Originally an advertisement picture for a bake sale, but too cute/funny to let go of!

The Break In - The DeRoze Team is on their most important mission to date...will they succeed?


Of course, there are plenty of pictures I've had to draw for advertisements and what not, so why not share them all for the world?


Book Sale

Coffee and Cake

Crystall Ball *Waffles*

Crystal Ball *Bill and Jackie* (Jackie is Chad's older sister. A bio will be made for her soon.)

Lunch and Books

Mitten Tree

Scared Chad

New Books

Story Time


Waffles Halloween

Tea Tasting






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Hey hey! What's this? Chad's been animated! Nothing special, but here he is.