Neku has always known that she is a favourite of Benten. She also knows that this is sometimes a curse as much as a blessing, but her perception is that despite this her beauty is her only asset. She does not realise that necessity has taught her a collection of unusual skills, through a combination of living on the road with her mother as a child, rejecting unwanted attention and defending herself in rough areas of Rokugan. These skills have only ever been just something she has to do.

Neku thinks her ambition is to get accepted back into the Crane court from which her mother was cast out whilst pregnant. She knows who her father is but keeps the secret to herself, partly because she bears too much of a grudge to talk about it in that much detail, but partly because her whole life is a strategy to set things right and doesn't want to do anything that will interfere with it.

As time has gone on though she has begun to wonder whether her drive to seek acceptance from the people that made her ronin is perhaps not as satisfactory as other forms of redress...

Nevertheless, she has been acting as 'companion' for so long now that she can't help but size men up in terms of their status and her chances of getting a heft up the social ladder by them. It therefore takes something very different and special for her to see anyone as anything other than a threat or a meal ticket...or both.
Stefan Install,
7 Jan 2012, 06:41