Player Characters

Yasuki Kiosho
Kioshho was trained in the arts of court and commerce by the Crab Clan and well versed in the ways of the Mantis Clan. However his penchant for women earned him the enmity of both clans and he is now keen to prove his worth and regain their trust.

After years of travelling from place to place, Koki has made his living by his sword.  He fears nothing but losing his freedom.

Neku comes from a high-born samurai family but the Crane Clan cast her mother out and she is determined to reclaim the status she feels she deserves.  She is as ambitious as she is beautiful.

A sad and wistful woman who often seems detached and somewhat neurotic, Namie is acutely aware of all she lost when the Phoenix cast her out and that only death awaits her.   

Ogami is a fierce and determined killer who hires his sword primarily as an assassin and for this he has earned a reputation and the nickname 'Lone Wolf'.  He travels-and works-with his infant child Daigoro in tow as his wife, the child's mother, was killed as part of some bitter betrayal Ogami is driven to avenge.