Major NPCs

monk at the shrine to Fukurokujin.

The shrine to the Fortune of Wisdom is not a large or grand one and Bao-Zhi is similarly humble but he is affable and well liked in the town where he can often be seen wandering the streets talking to any who will listen.
Unbeknownst to most, he has connections to powerful samurai at Kyuden Seppun and he sometimes acts as their eyes and ears in Mura Hugashi Chunshin.

, Leader of the East Wind
Yoichi is one of the most important men in Higashi Chushin.  While technically the remit he and his ronin botherhood have is to protect Tortoise Clan assets, as most of the village outside the docks belong to that clan he is in effect the magistrate for the village.

Kincho, owner of The House of Green Koi
 He is an elderly man but still physically fit; extremely polite and very well read, Kincho has a knack of being able to make almost anyone feel welcome at his tea house.


The Lady Momoko, Onesan of the House Under The Willow Bough
The mysterious  mistress of the tea house believed to be owned by the Mantis Clan. She is thought to be very beautiful, but is never seen without a veil that hides her eyes.  

Seppun Tomoe
Seppun Tomoe
, Magistrate.
Beautiful, honourable, powerful, Seppun Tomoe is the archetypal samurai-ko pursuing her duty to her lord in the lands around Higashi Chunshin but her remit as Seppun Family Magistrate does not extend within the Tortoise and Mantis controlled town.