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Mura Higashi Chushin

Higashi Chushin
Higashi Chushin is one of the four "hub villages" that surround the old Imperial capital of Otosan Uchi.  Since the destruction of the capital in 1159 by the forces of Daigotsu and the Shadowlands, all of the hub villages have suffered a decline in both their fortunes and their standing,  but the East Hub Village has been slightly more active than either Mura Nishi Chushin or Mura Minami Chushin because of  its proximity to Kyuden Seppun to the north, and because of its port.  

While the Tortoise Clan still retains nominal control of Higashi Chushin, it has moved most of its operations to Kita Chushin leaving various allied ronin factions such as the East Wind, holding much of the control and power in the village.

Places of note
  • House of the Green Koi - tea house and social hub of the village.  Established by a retired Miya Herald.
  • East Hub Port - a holding of the Mantis Clan and the commercial centre of the village.
  • Market square - slightly squalid square by the port, home to various traders and merchants.
  • House of Cherry Blossoms - sake house near the port run by the heimin, Ōta.
  • The Forge - where the Tsi Family forge its exquisite weapons.
  • House Under The Willow Bough, a disreputable tea house and geisha house.
  • House of Exotic Goods - small shop selling goods from the four corners of the Empire and possibly beyond.
  • "The Nets" - a tavern located behind the beach where the village fishermen land their catches.
  • The Plum Drop -  a rough sake house located near the Hinin quarter of the village.

People of note
  • Yoichi - Leader of the East Wind and the de facto magistrate of the village
  • Kasuga ??? - Tortoise Clan merchant, responsible for managing the Clan's operations in and out of the village
  • Yoritomo ??? - Port authority
  • Tsi Zutaka - head of the Tsi Family and a master weaponsmith
  • Kincho - owner of the House of the Green Koi
  • Lady Momoko - onesan and "owner" of the House Under The Willow Bough tea house
  • Ryoma - local heimin fisherman, known to drink at "The Nets" and  House of Cherry Blossoms
  • Ōta - tattooed "owner" of the  House of Cherry Blossoms