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Tortoise Clan

Tortoise Clan mon
The Tortoise Clan is a Minor Clan with a reputation for engaging in the dishonourable practice of smuggling. Both the Clan and it activities are only tolerated because of the Clan's close association with the Emperor; the Tortoise being ready to commit all manner of devious acts in order to maintain Imperial power. The Clan's power is on the rise due to Kasuga Taigen's involvement in the foundation of the Minor Clan Alliance.

The Tortoise Clan colours are blue-black and gold.

The Tortoise were founded in 442 after the Battle of White Stag and Battle of Raging Seas. The Emperor Hantei Muhaki assumed the throne after the death of his niece, Hantei Yugozohime, who was killed by the gaijin during the Battle of White Stag. He bestowed minor clan status on  Kasuga Agasha and his followers despite the fact that they apparently helped the gaijin leaders to escape from Otosan Uchi. To this date the reasons for the Emperor granting this status were known only to Kasuga Agasha and Emperor Hantei Muhaki.

The title of Kizoku was given to the decendants of Agasha Kasuga who provide guidance and advice to the Tortoise Clan.

  • Mura Kita Chushin (Northern Hub Village) - Major centre of Tortoise Clan activity.
  • Since the fall of Otosan Uchi they have maintained on a small presence in Mura Higashi Chushin, leaving the day-to-day running to the East Wind and other ronin factions allied to the Tortoise.
  • Nichbotsu Fusheru (Sunset Tower) - Tower that guards the southern entrance to Golden Sun Bay

Notable personalities
  • Kasuga Taigen - Tortoise Clan Champion and founder of the Minor Clan Alliance.