There are a number of factions who have interest in Higashi Chushin:
  • Mantis Clan - One of the Great Clans and the primary naval force in Rokugan.
  • Tortoise Clan - Minor clan with strong links to the Emperor who are widely distrusted or despised because of their secrecy and their widespread involvement in commerce and trade.
  • East Wind - Ronin brotherhood hired to protect Tortoise Clan interests in and around Higashi Chushin.
  • Crane Clan - One of the Great Clans of the Empire and a significant economic and political power.  Their lands border the Imperial lands around Higashi Chunshin both north and south.
  • Shadowlands Horde - Diverse horrors led by Daigotsu Dark Lord of the Shadowlands
  • Yotsu Family - A ronin family who roam the ruins of Otosan Uchi to protect those unable or unwilling to flee
  • Seppun Family - One of the Imperial Families that serve the Emperor directly.  Their palace, Kyuden Seppun is the nearest major political centre to Higashi Chushin.
  • Tsi Family - Ronin family from Higashi Chushin who are famed weaponsmiths
  • Bloodspeakers - Maho cult lead by the resurrected sorcerer Iuchiban.