Bonnie (L) and Nancy (R) at Cupertino, CA Fall Festival.  Our first workshop was 2 days later.      September 2011 All smiles at our very first workshop, The Granary, Sunnyvale, CA,  Left to right -- Ann, Bonnie, Hung, Suzi and Gail    September 2011Suzi Claus prepares our first donation to Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence,
San Jose CA.     December 2011
Our first donation is ready to go to kids at Next Door's shelter in San Jose, CA   
December 2011
Joan (L) and Bonnie (R) at Next Door.  Look for fingers and toes!    December 2011Next Door kids love their quilts!    December 2011

Early days at The Granary in Sunnyvale, CA:  Back left to right -- Paula, Louise, Ann, Gail, Cynthia, Bonnie. 
Front -- Karen, Suzi, Nancy    April 2012 
Joan makes front-page news in seven San Francisco Bay Area  
papers!   July 2012
Our 1st anniversary!  Blue Hawaii Challenge winner, Gail, receiving her QFK tote bag from Eddie Leone, owner of Eddie's Quilting Bee, Sunnyvale, CA.  September 2012 

2nd place challenge winner, Suzi
September 2012
3rd place challenge winner, Karen
September 2012
Elsa (L) delivers 70 quilts to Beth Williams, Individual Gifts Officer, Santa ClaraValley Medical Center, San Jose, CA.  They're for kids in the NICU, PICU and Burn Unit.  
February 2013
First donation to LACY (Legal Advocates for Children and Youth) San Jose, CA  
April 2013
Sian shows how it's done.
May 2013
Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles invited us to a sew-in!We were surrounded by an exhibit of fabulous Chinese  baby carriers.   Left to right:  Sharon, Joyce, Trudy, Judy, Susan      
May 2013
Susan at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles   
May 2013
Vanessa (R) receives a quilt made by the Redwood City, CA Girls Scouts.  The kids at Next Door's shelter will give it plenty of use.  June 2013We hope these 28 quilts delivered to LACY (Legal Advocates for Children and Youth) will brighten the day for foster kids and homeless youth.    July 2013
Michelle Ball (L), Child Life Specialist at the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford, receives wheelchair bags and 50 quilts from Priscilla (C) and Karen (R).  August 2013    Palo Alto, CA
Our second annual challenge quilt contest was held on our 2nd anniversary in September 2013.  Participants used identical jungle print fabric to do their best work.  Happy made this "stack 'n whack" quilt and won 1st place.Gayle used piecing, applique and great quilting to
take 2nd place.  September 2013

Jan T appliqued this giant giraffe to join the other giraffes in the animal print and won 3rd place.  Although several tigers are shown, no giraffes were harmed in the construction of this quilt.  
September 2013

Ann (L) and Suzi (R) used the challenge quilts to tell the Quilts for Kids' story at Cupertino (CA) Rotary's Avenues of Service Project Fair.    Oct 2012Kids chose their favorite quilt at Next Door Solutions
to Domestic Violence.  San Jose, CA
December 2013


Ron Ellis, Chairman of the Community Service 
Committee of Rotary Club of Cupertino, learned 
firsthand how we use their donation.  L to R 
Bonnie, Rita Duarte, Senior Social Worker with 
Legal Advocates for Children and Youth and Ron.  
San Jose, CA, Feb 2014
Delighting in local quilter Suzanne's donation -- 180# of wonderful fabric. L to R:  Nancy, Elsa,  Debbie, Laurel, Robin, Hilda, Margo, Carmen, Karen explore the bounty.  This is our workshop at The Granary in Sunnyvale, CA.
March 2014 
Hilda, Ricka, Annie and Laurel deliver 40 quilts to
George Mark Children's House, San Leandro, CA.
May 2014 

Nick Bogdanovich, Rotary Club of Cupertino, CA visited Legal Advocates for Children and Youth with Judy and Ann. Rita Duarte, Sr. Social Worker, told us touching stories of how the kids choose and love their quilts. San Jose, CA July, 2014
This crayon print was the challenge fabric for our 2014 Anniversary45 members made quilts using the crayon challenge
fabric.  Here they are arrayed for viewing.
September, 2014

Due to privacy concerns we rarely get a photo of the kids who  receive our quilts. But these girls' mom wanted to show how happy her daughters were after receiving theirs.  They lost their home in a wildfire that raged in Northern California while their firefighter dad fought the flames in another area.    October 2015
Volunteers pause during a workshop for a 'family photo'.
January 2016
Robbie delivers to Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford.  
April 2016.
Marissa Nelson donated 22 bolts of batik fabric... enough to fill the trunk.  Imagine the color they will add to our quilts.    March 2017This young man needed shades to appreciate the bright colors in his quilt.  September 2017This newborn is resting beneath a "preemie pad" -- we make these for the sickest and tiniest babies in Neonatal Intensive Care Units in and around San Jose, CA.   September 2018.