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Google Answers was a service offered by Google where anyone could ask questions which would be answered by a pre-qualified set of "experts" selected by Google. The questions were generally up for grabs by any researcher but were sometimes addressed to specific experts. The minimum charge for an answer was $2 specified by the questioner in advance. They could also offer much higher amounts depending on the difficulty and urgency of the question. They could also give tips to the expert who answered their question. Sometimes my tips were higher than the original price of the question.

Anyone could comment on questions or answers but only those tested and qualified by Google could answer them. There were about 50 of us who were fairly active in answering questions.

The following are questions I answered as a paid expert. Some answers were rated and include the top comment from the person who paid for the answer.

The link title is the original question title. The questions were often rather long as were some answers.

Ungrammatical questions and comments were common - please recall that questioners may not have used English as their first language.

I placed some of the more interesting questions near the top of the list.

Cost of launching sattellites.
5 stars
Very thorough and complete answer - exactly what I was looking for!


The tasks involved with becoming a consultant

5 stars
Silicon Samurai,
Thank you so very much for your prompt and exceptionally insightful
reply. This is my first time using google answers, and I feel it is an
amazing resource to everyone when someone as knowledgeable and
experienced as you can offer such informative feedback. I am going to
hear from my companies HR department tomorrow regarding their pay
offering, and I will be sure to heed your advice. I will gladly
recommend you to my friends and family, thanks again!
Best regards,


Energy required to manufacture typical vehicle
4 stars
Competent and efficient...thanks



Does a prism refract all electromagnetic waves?


5 stars

Thanks for the quick answer, and for providing all the links.


Music of the twenties


4 stars
Good answer - and special thanks for the websites you listed, which
are most useful -  also the note about the theramin which is exactly

the right kind of detail and which I will certainly use!


E=MC2 simplified
5 stars
Your answer and the subsequent clarification were extensive and
thoughtful. I can't really say that they answered my question BUT ONLY
becuase I have learned from you that I did not really know what I was
asking! So that really is the answer to my question! The result: I
know much more, including knowing what I dont know...and I will
continue musing muchly about the mysteries of E=M^2...Thank you.



For SiliconSamurai-ga, please!
5 stars
Fascinating stuff, SiliconSamurai ...
Much more than I had hoped for.
I am so glad that you found some time to share your expertise and experience.
All the Best
How To Send a Press Release Out On The wire
5 stars
  Excellent answer, we should be able to get the results we seek with
this.  Will probably buy one of the two subscriptions you suggested -
I'm having our marketing director review this.
Six Sigma
5 stars

Exactly what I was looking for... Thank you!


Delimited comma format to Excel
5 stars
That was incredibly fast!  Spiffing job.  It works perfectly. 
Siliconsamurai-ga thank you so much.  I hope my future questions will
be answerd in the same manner as they where today.
If any google answers users (or prospective users) are reading this I
hope you get siliconsamurai-ga to answer your questions.
Once again thank you, more then I exspected :)  !!



Home automation using X10 or other
5 stars
One of the best, most comprehensive answers to a question I have recieved.
How to configure a secured wireless network
Is there a solution to environmental decay?
4 stars
Many thanks for taking the time to research and answer my question.
You have provided a comfortable selection of sources that will become
a great starting off point in my research. Ideally a few more
resources would have been desirable, but the answer is a fair
reflection of the money offered. Thanks again!



Why DVD plays well on TV but very dark on pc

5 stars
thanks siliconsamurai-ga, i'm pretty sure thats going to solve the
problem. Unfortunately, right now i'm having problems with
videoexplosion getting ANY picture -dark or bright and havnt been able
to test your advice -hence delay. But ti works perfectly on PowerDVD
so i'm ful of hope!



Buying cheap software


Roman Catholic Indulgences


Building internet traffic for an online charity




Photo enforcement of red light violation in another state.

4 stars
I asked the question and accepted the answer-----so I paid the civil Penality


Purchase wholesale Items


Cars in Cold weather



cold sore question



Legally photographing the inside of a home during an open house.

 5 stars
Wow,  Very nice answer thank you for your time!!!!


Who provides this serive?

5 stars
This is the first time I asked google a question, it will not be the
last.  The best $10 I have spent in a long time.  This is the first
time I tipped someone for this type of service. Hope that it is


termination of employee


5 stars


Meaning of astrology


5 stars

The Spiritual meaning of astrology really helped me find my answer. Thank you!


Displaying Recorded TV Programs on a Website - Legal or Illegal?

4 stars



5 stars
Thanks a bunch for all of your help. I haven't tried the scan programs
yet, but when I do... I'll be sure to post the results :)


Domain Name Owners Information


validation of an email address.


Does a company that is no longer in business still have to send out W2's?


OCR software that recognizes handwritting


Technology- Ethical issues


atomic mass vs atomic number


Hard Drive keeps running


Question !


control TV sound


5 stars
The answer was what I was looking for. I have asked lots of people I
know and no one knew. This service is great.



Temporal Conundrums

Is a website privacy policy required ?
getting paid as a mystery shopper
Internet, money, security
5 stars
Worked fine -- thanks.
Aerial Photograph of Amsterdam
Profit from eBay
Digital cameras: Sony "hologram AF" or ??? for low-light conditions?
Where can I return used pallets?
EBay - Can I make a living selling on EBAY
locating Cathy comic strip for Jan 05 on internet
credit card payments
5 stars
Very clear and compelling answer. Thank you!
GPS station technology/health safety
automatic periodic keystroke generation
5 stars
What is the plasma frequeny for water at earth conditions?
How do I search out the financial reports of a particular company online?
Opportunity to Drive a Ferrari or Lamborghini
is a RAV4 4-Door 2WD L4-1998cc 2.0L DOHC (3S-FE) motor zero-clearance?
5 stars
Why 2 + 2 = 4 always ?
Comet orbit questions. Why does comet go around the sun instead of into the sun?
About Two Web sites.
5 stars
You did a fantastic job. Thanks for the help!
Email info
5 stars
thank you very much
very helpfull and super fast
Document Management vendor comparison chart
5 stars
Thanks!  The information was useful and well presented.
Trademarking Phrases
Error 1706
Ships longer than Noah's Ark
SEO Question - How do I get a link to my site added to these directories?
Outbreak Protection
5 stars
The answer was well laid out and extensively researched
long term disabiltity benefits
supercomputers made from pc's
can light be bent by electromagnetic fields?
5 stars
great answer! i didn't know at what price to set the question at but
certainly the 'but' part of the answer was most enlightening.
Find me a show that was on HBO
using a title for a play that might seem to be in the public domain?
5 stars
Thanks so much for your answer. very helpful.
Cost of launching sattellites.
Information on public TV stations
Smal med brown moths in home
I.R.A. rollovers
Life Expectancy in Freezing Water
Optics: Plastic lens add-on for Camera phones to change focal length
Good general articles about programming