There are a number of reporters and writers named McCormick, these are some of my credits.
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Counting only paid, bylined pieces I have been published more than 17,000 times.
Writing for Newsbytes News Network my wire stories (20+ per week) were carried
on USENET (long before the World Wide Web) and 120+ publications.
I have also written directly for about 110 print publications.

I wrote my first computer program (machine language) in 1963 while in high school.
My educational background includes physics and math at Northeastern U. and Harvard.
I've worked for Wang Labs and WGBH (PBS) in Boston.
As a consultant I was the engineer for the company which used to clean Fenway Park.
I owned and operated a sports car garage in Cambridge.
I've also worked as a heavy equipment mechanic in a scrap yard and a coal mine as well as a fleet mechanic for large trucks.

My first articles were for Cruising World magazine, which was edited at that time by
my neighbor on the next boat over, they addressed emergency engine repair on sail boats.
At the time I was living on a boat in Boston Harbor (Winthrop and Charlestown).
(BTW, the patriots were on Breeds Hill, the Brits held Bunker Hill. While I was in Charlestown the Queen’s Yacht Britannia was docked on the other side of the same pier I was tied up to – separated by a large warehouse and very near Old Ironsides.)

My web name Siliconsamurai comes from my time writing a game column for the Tandy CoCo (Rainbow) years before IBM introduced the first PC, and my black belt in sword technique.

My books:

Computers and the Americans With Disabilities Act : A Manager's Guide to Adaptive Office Technology. With a forward by Paul Hazan, Chair, National Search for Computer Technology to Aid the Handicapped, Johns Hopkins University. Hardback AND Paperback, 1994, Windcrest/McGraw-Hill.
                        by John A. McCormick
Create Your Own Multimedia System. Includes an e-book by Beth Goldie, The Annotated Guide to Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, Windcrest/McGraw-Hill.
                        by John A. McCormick
Communications hardware:
Fantastic Fax Modems; Communicate with Your PC, Mac, or LAN,
(Trade Paperback) 1994 Windcrest/McGraw-Hill
                        by John A. McCormick
Optical Storage:
The New Optical Storage Technology : Including Multimedia, Cd-Rom, and Optical Drives , ( Trade Paperback) Times-Mirror
                       by John A. McCormick
A Guide to Optical Storage Technology, Hardback) 1990, Dow-Jones Irwin.
                       by John A. McCormick

My blogs, including Common Sense:

For many years I covered the computer industry for Newsbytes News Network.
My Power User Column ran in Government Computer News for two decades.
Both were eventually bought by The Washington Post so I continued my Power User Column for Post-Newsweek Tech Media.

I've been published in: ANTIC (an Atari magazine), AI Expert, Assistive Technology News, Baltimore Computer Digest, BYTE (for three years), Capital Computer Digest, CD ROM Review, Closing the Gap (for the handicapped computer user), ComputerPress (Moscow, U.S.S.R), Computer Currents (four years), Computer Language, Computer Craft, Computer Shopper (five years), Cruising World (yachting magazine), Electronic Business, The Locksmith Journal, FuelLine (automotive trade journal), 80 MICRO, Government Computer News (24 years), GCN Shopper, GCN State&Local, Modern Electronics (3 years), PCM (Tandy compatibles and portables), PC Resource, PICO, PC Magazine, PC Tech Journal, PC World, Computers in Science, Science PROBE!, ShareWare, Soft Sector (compatibles), Systems&Network Integration, ID Systems (4 years), Sensors (The Journal of Machine Perception), System's Integration (newsletter), RAINBOW (Tandy Color Computer- 5 years), Stocks and Commodities, TechRepublic, IBM Compatibles Plus, TI Professional Computing, Reseller World (3 years), Reseller Management, Computer Monthly (3  years), and several other publications.

My very first review for BYTE was a benchmarking article on OCRs (Optical Character Recognition) published in the April 1987 issue of BYTE.  This was listed in Cambridge Scientific Abstracts' Journal of Computers and Information Science.

My Letter Perfect column for novice writers appeared in Writer's Guidelines magazine for more than a year and I wrote the Silicon Warrior (children's game column) for PCM (Tandy PCs) magazine.

The Enabled Computer (column) ran in Computer Monthly and on Newsbytes for several years and most recently in Assistive Technology News until that newspaper ceased publication.

I have served as Senior Editor for both Computer Monthly (magazine) and Reseller World (magazine).

I wrote the Locksmith Column for TechRepublic.com (CNET, now CBS) for 6 years.

I currently write news and opinion pieces for NewsBlaze.com and thesop.org

I wrote a weekly column (The View From Highland Ranch) for The Spirit (Punxsutawney, PA, U.S.A.) with
my co-author Jack, my lead jackass on Highland Ranch Sanctuary (www.15767.com).

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