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Paul Dennis

(Head of Laboratory)     


Between 1974 and 1977 I studied geology and geochemistry at Imperial College, London. Following this I held a Royal Dutch Shell Research scholarship (later a NERC research post) working on oxygen self-diffusion in silicate minerals under hydrothermal conditions (Freer and Dennis, 1982, Dennis, 1984, Dennis and Freer, 1989, 1992, Dennis and Kilner, 1984, Elphick et al., 1986a, 1986b, 1988, Steele et al., 1984, 1986). During this time I became interested in, and gained considerable practical experience of: (i) experimental high temperature/high pressure mineralogy using cold seal (Tuttle) type vessels, an internally heated, gas medium pressure vessel and solid media pressure vessels; (ii) isotope geochemistry, using 18-O labelled water as a tracer in oxygen self diffusion experiments, and (iii) mass spectrometry, using both conventional stable isotope ratio mass spectrometery (SIRMS), and, for the time, novel ion microprobe methods (ATOMIKA DIDA-II ion microprobe). Following a brief spell (1986-87) in computational mineralogy working on the energetics of incommensurate phase transformations in mullite (University College, London) I moved to VG Ionex, Burgess Hill, East Sussex (1988-1989) where I worked on the development of new ion microprobe systems. I joined the School of Environmental Sciences, UEA in September 1989 with the aim of setting up a new Stable Isotope Laboratory. I started out by purchasing a single VG SIRA series II mass spectrometer and designed and built off-line preparation lines for carbonate and organic samples. Today the laboratory has 6 dual-inlet and continuous flow mass spectrometers, a wide range of automated sample preparation facilities and a very broad research portfolio.

My research interests have broadened away from high temperature and high pressure mineral dynamics towards low temperature isotope geochemistry and have included the areas of theoretical and experimental isotope fractionation between phases, palaeoclimate studies, groundwater dynamics, ocean circulation and deep and bottom water formation, and atmospheric chemistry (notably aerosols).

During this time, in 1984 I established, with Hilary Kennedy of the School of Ocean Sciences, Bangor, the UK Stable isotope Mass Spectrometer Users Group (SIMSUG). We held our first meeting, with Harmon Craig as the keynote speaker, at the UEA in January 1984. The UK SIMSUG now meets on an annual basis, this years meeting being organised by the SUERRC group at East Kilbride, Glasgow. In addition SIMSUG is a joint partner in JESIUM (Joint European Stable Isotope Users Meeting). I have also been an active participant in the IAEA Consultants Group on Stable isotope Standards and Reference Materials.

Research Interests

My current research interest are:    (i)  isotopic clusters in carbonate minerals and their application in palaeothermometry and geothermometry;
                                                              (ii)  fluid inclusions in speleothems as recorders of palaeoprecipitation oxygen and hydrogen isotope composition;
                                                              (iii) ice core palaeoclimate studies (NEEM ice core project, Greenland, Gomez Glacier, Antarctic Peninsula and Berkner Island, Weddell Sea, Antarctica);
                                                              (iv) oxygen and hydrogen isotopes in precipitation (Schools Network for Isotopes in Precipitation: SNIP)
                                                              (iv) noble gas studies of groundwater palaeorecharge and groundwater dynamics;
                                                              (v)  in-situ cosmogenic isotopes as a dating tool for rock surfaces and geologic processes.
                                                              (vi) Open Notebook Science (ONS)

In addition I have an active interest in instrument design and development including: MIRA, HELIOS and HYPERION.

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