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Airplanes Live Wallpaper

3D Live Wallpaper featuring Airplanes flying through the homescreen

A live wallpaper that brings the beauty of flight to your home screen. If you love airplanes you will really enjoy these realistic models of real airplanes flying along your wallpaper.

This wallpaper is available in a Full & Lite version.  The Lite version has only one airplane to choose from and less settings to customize.

Touch the screen to rotate the view around the airplane, or setup a fixed camera position.

Choose different settings for landscape, and airplane behavior.

Please read:

This is a live wallpaper. After downloading, go to the home screen, press the menu button, select live wallpapers, then select Airplanes Live Wallpaper from the list. This is not a regular application and will not appear in the application drawer.

Airplanes Live Wallpaper uses OpenGl 3D environment for rich, smooth 3D graphics. It will use higher than normal background memory to run, and will perform better on higher end devices. Because of the high memory Android may kill the wallpaper to run other high memory applications (streaming media, games, etc.).

*Recommended devices with 512MB of RAM or higher.*

Using the "Foreground" option in the Settings will cause Android to restart the wallpaper when you return to the home screen.

Special thanks to Yukuku for the color picker in the settings, and Robert Green for the OpenGL live wallpaper conversion.

Internet Permission is for the link in the settings only. The application will not access the internet on its own.

If you need any help please send me an email:

  • Available in Android Market
  • Lite Version
  • Available in Android Market