A Basic Disaster Supply Can

A Disaster Response Supply Can
The Disaster Response Supply Can is meant to be used only in case of emergency, a reliable source of supplies for immediate response.  It does not take the place of a larger centralized stock of disaster supplies.  Cans such as this can be placed in all library public service departments and are inventoried annually.  Estimated total cost of materials is $125.
The supplies, including the container, are labelled in the hope that unused emergency supplies will be returned to the disaster can after the emergency.  Note:  do not store batteries in the flashlight.  Be sure to renew them every year and after emergency use.
___ 33 gal. plastic trash can with lid (preferably red)
___ 1 roll 10' x 100' 2 mil plastic sheeting
___ 1 roll filament tape (to tape sheeting)
___ 10 large plastic trash bags (to fit can)
___ 2 large sponges
___ 1 Lysol spray can, 19 oz.
___ 1 5 gal. bucket with lid
___ 1 box disposable latex gloves
___ 1 roll "Do not enter" barricade tape
___ 2 rolls white paper towels
___ Scissors, 1 pr.
___ Pencils, 1 doz. sharpened
___ 2 black permanent marking pens
___ Yellow lined pad
___ Flashlight
___ Batteries (replace every year and do not store in the flashlight)
___ 10 dust masks
Most supplies are available at office/home supply or hardware stores.