SILDRN: San Diego/Imperial County Libraries Disaster Response Network

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HOME- SILDRN web site Table of Contents:

Member Libraries

About the Network
  • Background and Mission Statement
  • Membership Information
  • Steering Committee
  • Mutual Aid Agreement
  • "Big Leaks Can Put Libraries in a Bind"
  • California Library Preservation Disaster Networks
Preparing for A Collection Disaster
  • A Basic Disaster Supply Can
  • Disaster Plan Template
  • Disaster Plan Workbook, Resources and Exercise
Disaster Recovery
  • First Response
  • Disaster Preparedness and Response Information
  • How Do I Dry for Freezing?
  • Strategies to Help Employees
SILDRN Disaster Recovery Supplies
  • San Diego County
                Access Contacts
                Map - Container #1 (southern San Diego region)
                Map - Container #2 (northern San Diego region)
                Map - Container #3 (northern San Diego region)
                Map - Container #4
                Container Inventory
  • Imperial County
  • Supply Sources in the San Diego Vicinity
  • Vendor Directory for the San Diego Vicinity
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