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Become a part of the SILC family and enjoy India's rich experience, even from afar!

The School of India for Languages and Culture (SILC) is one of the oldest and largest such institutions in North America. It began operations in 1979 as the successor to the Bharat School. SILC is unique for its longevity, the variety of its educational programs, and for its secular setting. Each of these attributes contributes to the school’s success in attracting students whose families represent the great diversity of Indian language and cultural communities.

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SILC Media Policy

Photos and videos of Students may be taken by SILC Volunteers during events.

These photos and videos may be used for:

  • SILC's social media sites (Facebook)
  • SILC's Newsletter
  • SILC Marketing materials
  • SILC Educational Materials
  • SILC sponsored events

If you do not want your/your student's photo or video taken at SILC, please complete the Media Opt Out Form. We will make every effort to make sure your wishes are followed.

SILC Handbook

Available HERE. Updates and additions to this document will continue!

SILC By-Laws

Available HERE.