SILC is the School for Indian Language and Culture in Minnesota, established in 1979. Its mission is to promote community for those whose family or culture includes India and to promote deeper understanding of its rich diversity, history, culture, natural resources, festivals, games, food, art, dance, music and more!

SILC strives to develop well-informed individuals in a secular setting. Become a part of the SILC family and enjoy India's rich experience, even from afar! 

SILC classes are held at Como Park High School: 740 Rose Avenue West, St. Paul, MN 55117

SILC is a 501c3 non-profit organization; its Tax ID # is 41-1405687.

The SILC Handbook for students, parents and volunteers is available HERE. Updates and additions to this document will continue!


Hello SILC families, 
We are very proud and excited to announce that our SILC Library is ready to share with all of you! We had a library ribbon cutting ceremony on Mar 11th to celebrate this momentous occasion!

The Library consists of over 400 books of Children's Fiction and Non Fiction genre's which Parents and Teachers alike can borrow, after registering and paying the (refundable) deposit at the Library Info center in the cafeteria.

Come see part of the colorful and exciting collection of books! The first installment of books will be about 150 titles. The rest of the books will be phased in. Tell your family and friends about this exciting addition to your opportunities at SILC.

To participate:

1) Visit the Library Information Center in the cafeteria from 11:15 am onwards. Here you can get more info regarding the Library hours, web access, which books are available etc. 

2) Register with your email and other info. To complete registration we would also need a Library Deposit of $10/child registered. We can take cash or a undated check made out to SILC. This Deposit is refundable at the end of the school year, or can be rolled over to the next school year. 


Thank you,
Anu Kumble and Shailesh Koppikar

Special Events with SILC


Diwali Celebration and Family Photo Day


SILC Mela: Our only Fundraiser - the SILC Mela (or Fair) features the chaos of an Indian Mela with lots of fun for children in the form or games, fortune telling and other activities for children. What is a Mela without food? Vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is made by our SILC families. We are also presenting SILC's Great Gatherings: tickets will be sold at the Mela to later events hosted by SILC families: great dinners and parties!

St. Paul Winter Carnival

SILC hosted a booth at the St. Paul Winter Carnival to showcase our community to all Carnival visitors.


Holi Celebration

Social Studies Day: Social Studies students present their learning to the entire SILC Community.

SILC Graduation Day: It is the last day of the SILC School Year. Children present the language skills they have picked up during the year - on stage. Graduation certificates and SILC yearbooks are passed out - children get autographs from teachers and fellow students. The onstage academic presentations are enriched by the presentation of dances prepared for the Festival of Nations by the Youth and Adults of SILC. The event culminates in a community potluck and friends say goodbye for the summer!

Festival of Nations , River Center, St Paul Downtown

SILC has participated at this prestigious multi-national program for over 30 years.


IndiaFest , St. Paul Capitol Grounds

SILC has participated at this show case event of the India Association of Minnesota from almost its inception and plays a key part in organizing this event.

For information about the fascinating Indian Immigration project that SILC participated in at the Minnesota Historical Society, click HERE.

Check back for information about the 2018-19 SILC School Year!

To the SILC Community,
Another SILC School year is coming to a close.  Thank you, thank you! Thank you for your contributions to make this a successful school year for our SILC students and the community.  SILC thrives and improves each year due to the contributions from all of YOU!
Here are a few highlights from the year that we would like to call out:
  • Hi Chai! monthly community building event was started.
  • Our teachers continue to provide excellent teaching to our students each and every week.
  • The library is running and getting established
  • Our security/welcome team is contributing to the operations of SILC
  • SILC Volunteers created and put together the India exhibit for the festival of nations
  • SILC dancers, Tabla players and volunteers contributed to the Festival of Nations.
As you enjoy the summer break, please take a few moments to think about SILC and your experience at SILC this past year.  What can YOU change/improve to make SILC better for next year's students? 

'Be the Change you want to see in the world.'  -   Mahatma Gandhi

Thank you for a wonderful year~

Sonja Agarwal
SILC President 2017-2018

Did You Know??

SILC has a Board that meets once a month.  The board consists of the SILC executive board along with several at-large members.

Some of the board's responsibilities include:

  • Teacher Recruitment

  • Curriculum Planning

  • Long term planning for SILC

  • Day to day operations at SILC

  • Looking for ways to improve the SILC experience

  • Partnering with outside organizations for events (i.e. IAM, Minnesota History Center, Festival of Nations)

  • Planning for SILC Special events

  • Working with the Como High School administration to coordinate school use

If you have any questions/ suggestions/ ideas, please feel free to reach out to any one of the board members: for contact information, see the SILC Board page of this site.

SILC Families Come From 
All Over the Metro Area!

Ask your friends and neighbors if they'd like to learn more about our program!

SILC Calendar

Visit the SILC Facebook page for updates, photos and more!

Connect to other SILC members 
via our LinkedIn account!

Families: Register with Be The Match!!

My name is Harshit Sahay.My wife and I, had the great fortune of becoming parents to a darling baby girl on December 15th. We've named her Vartika, as she is the light of our life. We also affectionately call her Vicky.

A few days after her birth, Vicky was diagnosed as suffering from a rare genetic disorder called Severe Combined Immune Deficiency (SCID). This effectively means that she has a very weak immune system. The cure for her condition is Bone Marrow transplant. She's presently in an infection-controlled unit in a children's hospital in Minneapolis. Me and my wife are rooming with her. We can touch Vicky only after wearing gloves, a mask, and a gown. Visitors can see her through glass door. We will be here until Vicky has recovered. Entire process will take at least 6 months assuming we find a suitable donor timely.

Vicky needs bone marrow transplant urgently, to provide her with a functioning immune system. Otherwise, the smallest of infections can prove fatal. Ideally, the transplant should be done before end of March 2018. Given that Vicky does not have any siblings, it is likely that we will need to find an unrelated donor for the bone marrow transplant.

Currently there is a 72% chance for Asians to find a match on donor registries.We are encouraging more and more Indians to register as ethnicity plays an important role in finding the right donor.

We would be very grateful if you could 1) consider registering as a donor, and 2) reach out to as many people you can, in your professional and personal networks worldwide, and request them to register as well. In case the registry asks, Vicky's full name is Vartika Sahay. Registering is painless and free and even if you are not a match for Vicky, you could end up saving someone's life.

Details on the registries are below:

Be The Match is the donor registry in the United States:

The FAQs on Be the Match's website outline the process and impact on the donor:

Snack and Cooking Class Signups

We hope that all registered families will take a turn bringing snack for the community. A paper sign up is available at SILC on Saturdays.

Want to lead the cooking class for one week? Have a special dish you would like to share with the cooking group? Sign up HERE!