SILC is the School for Indian Language and Culture in Minnesota, established in 1979. Its mission is to promote community for those whose family or culture includes India and to promote deeper understanding of its rich diversity, history, culture, natural resources, festivals, games, food, art, dance, music and more!

SILC strives to develop well-informed individuals in a secular setting. Become a part of the SILC family and enjoy India's rich experience, even from afar! 

SILC classes are held at Como Park High School: 740 Rose Avenue West, St. Paul, MN 55117

SILC is a 501c3 non-profit organization; its Tax ID # is 41-1405687.

The 2016-17 SILC Handbook for students, parents and volunteers is available HERE. Updates and additions to this document will continue!

SILC Receives Curriculum Grant

SILC was awarded a grant to further our Social Studies Curriculum. "The Asian Pacific Endowment of The Saint Paul Foundation has approved a grant to SILC - School for Indian Language and Culture in Minnesota in the amount of $4,800 for SILC SOCIAL STUDIES CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT PROPOSAL." Thank you to our SILC board members for writing and earning this grant proposal!

SILC's Great Gatherings!
**New events added for 2017!***

"Great Gatherings" are individual social and fundraising events hosted by our own SILC families.The events have ranged from craft afternoons to evening meals to events outside of people's homes. The host (or hosts) covers the cost of the event and the participant fees go directly to SILC programming.  The most important part of this prorgram is not the money raised but the building of our SILC community.

If you would like to host a gathering, email Veeti Tandon at

For more information, see our 2016-17 Great Gatherings page - events are happening soon!

SILC Families Come From 
All Over the Metro Area!

Ask your friends and neighbors if they'd like to learn more about our program!

Special Events with SILC


Diwali Celebration and Family Photo Day


SILC Mela: Our only Fundraiser - the SILC Mela (or Fair) features the chaos of an Indian Mela with lots of fun for children in the form or games, fortune telling and other activities for children. What is a Mela without food? Vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is made by our SILC families. We are also presenting SILC's Great Gatherings: tickets will be sold at the Mela to later events hosted by SILC families: great dinners and parties!

St. Paul Winter Carnival

SILC hosted a booth at the St. Paul Winter Carnival to showcase our community to all Carnival visitors.


Holi Celebration

Social Studies Day: Social Studies students present their learning to the entire SILC Community.

SILC Graduation Day: It is the last day of the SILC School Year. Children present the language skills they have picked up during the year - on stage. Graduation certificates and SILC yearbooks are passed out - children get autographs from teachers and fellow students. The onstage academic presentations are enriched by the presentation of dances prepared for the Festival of Nations by the Youth and Adults of SILC. The event culminates in a community potluck and friends say goodbye for the summer!

Festival of Nations , River Center, St Paul Downtown

SILC has participated at this prestigious multi-national program for over 30 years.


IndiaFest , St. Paul Capitol Grounds

SILC has participated at this show case event of the India Association of Minnesota from almost its inception and plays a key part in organizing this event.

SILC Mela: February 25

There will be a door prize for 1 lucky person!!! 

Click HERE to sign up to volunteer to help with one of the games at the Mela.  All supplies and instructions will be provided.

Gently Used Indian Clothing Sale:  Go through your closets and find gently used Indian outfits that no longer fit your children/ yourself. Donate them to be sold at the SILC Mela.
  • Gently used Indian outfits: children - adult sizes
  • Indian Language books
  • Indian Language Movies
  • NO HOUSEHOLD ITEMS/ TOYS will be accepted
Games:  New games this year!!!

Music and Dancing!!

Great Food!!


 We also have a sale of gently used Indian clothing - Start cleaning out your closets and see if you have any gently used Indian outfits to donate to our clothing sale.

The students love this event and look forward to it every year.  Look for new games this year and new events!

Yearbook Submissions

We are looking for yearbook submissions:anything about India and SILC: drawings, stories, information about your trips, thoughts about your classes and friends and SILC.

Send your submissions to Suzanne Sheridan:

Diwali Celebration Photos Are Here!

The Diwali Pictures are ready to download!  Many thanks goes to Peter Sandgren for taking great pictures and to Andy Harwood for uploading them!

Click HERE to see and download (free!) your pictures:

Password:  silc2016

Did You Know??

SILC has a Board that meets once a month.  The board consists of the SILC executive board along with several at-large members.

Some of the board's responsibilities include:

  • Teacher Recruitment

  • Curriculum Planning

  • Long term planning for SILC

  • Day to day operations at SILC

  • Looking for ways to improve the SILC experience

  • Partnering with outside organizations for events (i.e. IAM, Minnesota History Center, Festival of Nations)

  • Planning for SILC Special events

  • Working with the Como High School administration to coordinate school use

If you have any questions/ suggestions/ ideas, please feel free to reach out to any one of the board members: for contact information, see the SILC Board page of this site.

SILC 2016-17 Class Calendar
February 25 Classes + SILC Mela
March 4 Regular Classes
March 11 Regular Classes
March 18 Regular Classes
March 25 Regular Classes
April 1 Regular Classes
April 8 Regular Classes
April 15 Regular Classes
April 22 Classes + Social Studies Day
April 29Classes + Holi Celebration
May 6 No classes - Festival of Nations
May 13 Classes + Dress Rehearsal Last Day
May 20 SILC Last Day

For a printable PDF of the 2016-17 year, click HERE.

SILC Calendar

Visit the SILC Facebook page for updates, photos and more!

Snack and Cooking Class Signups

We hope that all registered families will take a turn bringing snack for the community. Sign up HERE!

Want to lead the cooking class for one week? Have a special dish you would like to share with the cooking group? Sign up HERE!

The SILC Library is becoming 
a reality as we speak
Leader: Anu Kumble

The SILC Library survey is the next step towards creating a Catalog of books which can truly help our teachers, students and parents by creating a cohesive pool of knowledge which we can all drink from. Your timely input (within a week) in answering the 8-11 questions for the survey will be greatly appreciated as I am working towards a fast approaching deadline.

Using the answers in the survey will help me to streamline the Library process, order books for library amongst other things. Details about where the library will be functioning from, timings etc will be updated in the coming months.

I am using Google forms for the survey and also will include a Pinterest link for you to see what kind of books I am trying to collect/buy based on your input. Please click on Pinterest links after you have answered the questions on the Survey.
Survey Link :

Pinterest Fiction books :
Pinterest Non Fiction books :
Parent's interest books :
Thank you and here's to a successful SILC Library with your help,