Excellent undergraduate students

There are open positions for excellent undergraduate students from Computer Science and Electrical Engineering departments to carry out projects under my supervision. The projects are for one or two semesters, and formally can be credited as "Project A"  or  "Advanced project" in both departments. The formal prerequisites for the project are classes on the OS and Computer Structures from either department.

The projects have a research flavor, and have the potential to grow into a full Master thesis.  Therefore the projects are particularly suitable for senior undergraduate students in their last semesters who consider applying for the graduate program.

The projects focus on the core challenges of the next generation computer systems involving bleeding-edge massively parallel processors and accelerators, and cover various aspects of GPUs, High speed I/O devices, Operating Systems,  Distributed Computing Systems, Hardware Security, and machine learning on GPUs and accelerators.

If interested, send me  your CV and your grade transcript or come and talk to me. The positions are competitive! 

Graduate students

I am looking for motivated graduate students with a strong hands-on background in building  computer systems.

The best candidates will also have some background in signal processing, machine learning and computer vision.

If interested, send your CV, grade transcript, and a brief description of your technical background and research interests.