Mark Silberstein
Assistant Professor
 Contact information

Tel: (+972) 77 887  1503

Office: Fishbach 408-5 (TCE)

Electrical Engineering Department 
Haifa 32000

NEW: A postdoc position is now open!

NEW: I am teaching two courses in Spring 2015

048661: Advanced topics in computer engineering:
Design and Implementation of Deep Learning Systems. (with Dr. Boris Ginzburg from Intel)
For undergrads - please contact me regarding the registration
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046274: Advanced topics in computer engineering:
GPU-accelerated systems
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Selected publications

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Research interests

My focus is on building computer systems with programmable computational accelerators: GPUs, DSPs, FPGAs. I  work  on a broad range of systems projects on hardware architecture, programming tools, operating systems, security and privacy, high concurrency servers, high-speed I/O. All these projects strive to solve some of the challenges that complicate the design of efficient and fast systems with programmable accelerators.  I am also interested in applications of accelerators to machine learning and high performance computing.

Research Projects

  • Operating system services for GPU programs
    • GPUnet: Network sockets for GPUs
    • GPUfs: File System support for GPUs. See my talk at GTC2012. Our ASPLOS13 paper is here. The source code is now available from GITHUB.
  • Privacy in modern systems


  • MSc [2014-] Sagi Shachar, "Preemptive I/O on GPUs"
  • MSc [2014-] Amir Wated, "High concurrency servers on accelerators"
  • MSc [2014-] Mattan Hamilis (with Eli Ben-Sasson), "High Performance Additive FFT in finite fields"
  • MSc [2013-] Oren Yerushalmi (with Yoav Etsion), "FPGA I/O services"


EE046209 Winter 2015 - [ugrad] Operating systems structure
EE046274 Spring 2014 - [ugrad] GPU-accelerated systems
EE048961 Winter 2014 - [grad] Selected topics in Operating Systems Design and Implementation
EE046274 Spring 2011
- [grad] Programming Massively Parallel Processors
CS236370 Autumn 2010 - [ugrad] Concurrent and Distributed Programming

CS236804 Spring 2010 - [grad] Seminar on  parallel algorithms and applications for GPUs
CS236371  Spring 2010 - [ugrad] Project in parallel and distributed programming

Program committees

2015: Systor, Eurosys
2014: Systor, ASPLOS external, SOSP poster
2013: IPDPS, CCGrid, SFMA, Systor
2012: CCGrid
2011: CCGrid

Short bio

My CV.

I received my PhD in Computer Science at the Technion in 2010. My thesis is on the mechanisms for building supercomputing systems using large-scale distributed, unreliable resources and graphical processing units (GPUs).   I spent two years at the UT Austin as a post-doc with Prof. Emmett Witchel.


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