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Mark Silberstein
Associate Professor
 Contact information

Tel: (+972) 77 887  1503

Office: Meyer 1053

Electrical Engineering Department 
Haifa 32000

Research interests

My focus is on building computer systems with programmable computational accelerators: GPUs, FPGAs. I work on a broad range of systems projects on hardware architecture, programming tools, operating systems, security and privacy, high concurrency servers and smart I/O devices. All these projects strive to solve some of the challenges that complicate the design of efficient and fast systems with programmable accelerators. I am also interested in applications of accelerators to machine learning and high performance computing. 

A high-level overview of my research agenda is available here
[video] [slides].
For a more detailed and somewhat forward-looking overview check out my HotOS paper [pdf]  [slides]

Our group was among the authors of the recent Foreshadow attack on Intel SGX enclaves. It was covered by Wired, Ars Technica, Slashdot and many others.  See my slides with  a simple and intuitive explanation of the attack.

My students won the first prize at Mellanox Bluefield Hackaton for enabling remote access to Machine Learning accelerators and GPUs via SmartNIC, without any use of CPU.

I am a regular contributor to the SIGARCH blog.
Check out my recent posts on
I am a co-organizer of the Workshop on Systems for Multicore and Heterogeneous Architectures  (with Eurosys)
Check out the papers and keynotes from the recent one in Porto.

Selected publications

Google scholar profile

  • [EuroSys 20] "Autarky: Closing controlled channels with self-paging enclaves"
    • M Orenbach, A Baumann, M Silberstein
    • S. Kim, A. Wated, Y. Hu,  X. Zhang, S. Huh,  E. Witchel, M. Silberstein


  • MSc [2017-         ] Tanya Brokhman, "A unified page cache in heterogeneous systems"
  • MSc [2016 -        ] Lior Zeno, "Streaming applications on smart NICs"
  • MSc [2017-     ] Maroun Tork, "Efficient GPU communications via SmartNICs"
  • MSc [2017-     ] Menachem Adelman, "A systematic approach for approximating DNN training"
  • MSc [2017-     ] Lev Rosenblit, "Security analysis of GPUs"
  • PhD [2016 -        ] Meni Orenbach, "OS abstractions for SGX enclaves"
  • PhD [2016 -    ] Haggai Eran,"OS abstractions for network application accelerators"
  • PhD [2017-     ] Shai Bergman, "Architectural and OS support for disaggregated storage"


  • MSc[2017- 2018 ] Marina Minkin, "Side channel mitigation for SGX enclaves" [now @ PhD in UMich]
  • MSc [2016-2018] Vasilis Dimitsas, "I/O prefetcher for GPUs"
  • MSc [2015-2017] Shai Bergman "High performance Disk I/O on GPUs" [now @ PhD in my group]
  • MSc [2014-2017] Amir Wated, "High concurrency servers on GPUs" [ now @ CISCO]
  • MSc [2014-2015] Mattan Hamilis (with Eli Ben-Sasson), "High Performance Additive FFT in finite fields" [now @ IDF]
  • MSc [2014-2016] Feras Daud "High performance network I/O on GPUs" [ now @ Mellanox]
  • MSc [2014-2016] Sagi Shahar, "Support for mmap on GPUs" [ now @Google]

Research Projects

  • High performance SGX enclaves [github]
  • OS abstractions for smart NICs
  • Operating system services for GPU programs
    • GPUnet: Network sockets for GPUs.  
    • GPUrdma: GPU-side Infiniband verbs
    • GPUfs: File System support for GPUs. See my talk at GTC2012. Our ASPLOS13 paper is here. The source code is now available from GITHUB.
  • Privacy in mobile systems

In Spring 2018 we started a new seminar together with Yoav Etsion and Shahar Kvatinsky
EE046278/CS046278 - [ugrad/grad] Accelerators and Accelerated Systems
EE048991 Spring 2015 - [grad] Design and implementation of Deep Learning Systems
EE046209 Winter 2015,16 - [ugrad/grad] Operating systems structure
EE046274 Spring 2014,15,16 - [ugrad/grad] GPU-accelerated systems
EE048961 Winter 2014,16 - [grad] Selected topics in Operating Systems Design and Implementation
EE046274 Spring 2011
- [grad] Programming Massively Parallel Processors
CS236370 Autumn 2010 - [ugrad] Concurrent and Distributed Programming

CS236804 Spring 2010 - [grad] Seminar on  parallel algorithms and applications for GPUs
CS236371  Spring 2010 - [ugrad] Project in parallel and distributed programming

Program committees

2019: ASPLOS
2018: ASPLOS, SysTEX(PC Char), SFMA (PC Chair), PPoPP, SoCC
2017: SOSP, Middleware, MaRS (PC Chair and organizer)
2016: Systor (PC Chair), MaRS, PACT, VEE
2015: Systor, Eurosys
2014: Systor, ASPLOS external, SOSP poster
2013: IPDPS, CCGrid, SFMA, Systor
2012: CCGrid
2011: CCGrid

Short bio

I received my PhD in Computer Science at the Technion in 2010, under the supervision of Assaf Schuster and Dan Geiger.. My thesis is on the mechanisms for building supercomputing systems using large-scale distributed, unreliable resources and graphical processing units (GPUs).    I spent two years at the UT Austin as a post-doc with Prof. Emmett Witchel.


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