SIKITEI ~four seasons garden~

For public places and private spaces.

■Your Dream Of Garden Planning.
It is our best joy to express your life style through making a garden.
We design and make your garden as Japanese style, European style and other
any style.
A bamboo fence, some traditional Japanese basin and bonsai can make your garden
calm and peaceful.
Our team of experienced landscapers and designers draws upon years of industry
experience and knowledge to create unique solutions for you.
 ■TSUKUBAI-stone basins in Traditional Japanese garden
TSUKUBAI is where guests are invited to purify themselves before  the tea ceremony.
It means keeping both of your body and mind clean,peace,and being out of any thought. 
TUKUBAI named because the basin was at a low position so the guests need  wash
their hands squatting down.
■A Partner in Your Gardening Success
SIKITEI is in business to help you experience the joys of colorful flowers,
shrubs, and trees in your garden.
If you need help identifying a pest or choosing the right support for your perennials,
we are always happy to help.
We'll make sure that you get all the information about  keeping your garden marvelous.
Ask us to protect trees and flowers in your garden from harmful insect,
we know the best way of control them.
We can also supply an annual plan of pest controls for you.

■Our Work Area

Hino,Hachioji,Tachikawa,Tama, and all part of Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba.                      
we can work in domestic and abroad, ask us abour more details.

■Tell Us What You Want To know
We have tips and techniques that we've gleaned from years of experience serving gardeners.
We also encourage you to check out our blog,
 where we post news, ideas and musings about gardening. 
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