Lord Basaveshwara

"Lord Basaveshwara is guru for those who want to lead a happy life in the midst of this uncertain world"





Life Story









* Lord basaveshwara is the guru for all lingayats.


* Lingayats and Veerashaivas are one and the same.


* Vachanas are Vedas for lingayats.


* A lingayat is same irrespective of location that he stays.


* Love all.


* Read vachanas and lead a happy life.


* Love your family.


* Love your country.


* Pray to lord basava that " Oh! basava give me good will to love all


   creatures in this world ".


* Do your prayers everyday.


* Love your neighbours.


* Life is good.


* God is one for all.


* Lord shiva in form of  " linga " in your hand is same for all.