Sigrid Suetens


Associate Professor in Economics

Tilburg University
PO Box 90153

5000 LE Tilburg
The Netherlands

phone +31 13 466 8790

Research interests:
Strategic interaction in the lab; Motives for cooperation in social dilemmas; Decision biases

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S. Suetens, C.B. Galbo-Jörgensen, and J.-R. Tyran. Predicting Lotto Numbers - A natural experiment on the gambler's fallacy and the hot hand fallacy. Journal of the European Economic Association, 2015. (Accepted for publication)

M. Hoffman, S. Suetens, U. Gneezy and Martin Nowak. An experimental investigation of evolutionary dynamics in the Rock-Paper-Scissors game, Scientific Reports, vol.5, 2015.

J. Boone, W. Müller and S. Suetens. Naked exclusion in the lab: The case of sequential contracting. Journal of Industrial Economics, vol. 62, 137-166, 2014

J. Potters and S. Suetens. Oligopoly experiments in the current millenniumJournal of Economic Surveys, vol.27, 439-460, 2013.

S. Suetens and J.-R. Tyran. The gambler's fallacy and gender. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, vol. 83, 118-124, 2012.

M. Bigoni and S. Suetens. Feedback and dynamics in public good experiments. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, vol. 82, 86-95, 2012.

E. Reuben and S. Suetens. Revisiting strategic versus non-strategic cooperation. Experimental Economics, vol. 15, 24-43, 2012.

J. Potters and S. Suetens. Cooperation in experimental games of strategic complements and substitutes. Review of Economic Studies, vol. 76, 1125-1147, 2009.

T. Miettinen and S. Suetens. Communication and guilt in a prisoner's dilemma. Journal of Conflict Resolution, vol. 52, 945-960, 2008.

C. Boone, C. Declerck and S. Suetens. Subtle social cues, explicit incentives and cooperation in social dilemmas. Evolution and Human Behavior, vol. 29, 179-188, 2008.

S. Suetens. Does R&D cooperation facilitate price collusion? An experiment. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, vol. 66, 822-836, 2008.

S. Suetens and J. Potters. Bertrand colludes more than Cournot. Experimental Economics, vol. 10, 71-77, 2007.

S. Suetens. Cooperative and noncooperative R&D in experimental duopoly markets. International Journal of Industrial Organization, vol. 23, 63-82, 2005.

Working papers

B. van Leeuwen, C. Noussair, T. Offerman, S. Suetens, M. van Veelen and J. van de Ven. Predictably Angry: Facial cues provide a credible signal of destructive behavior. 2014. (submitted) 

C. Bellemare, A. Sebald and S. Suetens. Heterogeneous guilt aversion and incentive effects. 2015. (submitted) 

M. Picchio, S. Suetens and J. van Ours. Labor supply effects of winning the lottery. 2015. (submitted) 

E. Reuben and S. Suetens. Instrumental reciprocity as an error. 2015. (submitted)  

Popular writing and press coverage

Vrouwen gokken slimmer dan mannen. August 29, 2012. De Tijd. Gonzo blog.

Predicting the improbable. Vox, 2011. By C.B. Galbo-Jörgensen, S. Suetens and J.-R. Tyran.

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