Sign Twirlers 


Boot Camp for Sign Twirlers

Welcome to boot camp for Sign Twirlers. Yes that's right maggot, I said boot camp for Sign Twirlers.

Sign Twirler Boot Camp (STBC) is a very strict, highly structured training facility with staff that act as drill instructors. Our Boot camp is ran like a state run correctional facility where teens are sentenced by judges to twirl signs for local business owners. Sign Twirler boot camp is only an option for teens in the criminal justice system or for those that have spent way too many hours pwning newbs in World of Warcraft and really need to get some sunlight.










Team Work



Community Service


Signup today and we'll send someone out to pick up your son or daughter for a fun and safe* experience at STBC. Remember, if he's twirling signs, he can't be getting his girl friend pregnant.


*2007 demographics indicates 32% less bloodshed for the camp year 2007 than in 2006. Camp not held responsible for loss of limb(s) or life.