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Spring Summer

January  February March  - Residency Waterside Theatre & Bucks New University & with RIO Theatre Group
March 14th - Carthage Show @ Waterside Theatre
April - 18th -25th Wycombe & Aylesbury One In The Crowd + SDC & Altered Skin performances
May - Florida & North Carolina Tour The Tale Of Gertrude McFuzz  production with  Carovana SMI
June  5-17th- UK Tour
June 19th - July 19th Central European Tour -
20th -27th Austria  with Transmitter & Tingle Tangle
June 28th -July 9th - Ana Desetnica & One In The Crowd
July 10th - 24th The Tale Of   Gertrude McFuzz
production with  Carovana SMI
August 7-17th San Francisco Deaf Arts Festival



January rehearsals Bad Elvis & Carthage
March 18-22 Performances - Bad Elvis Manchester  -Contact
March 23-30 Baton Rouge University , Louisiana Residency - No Passport Conference - Bad Elvis & Carthage
April 1-17 -Tour of Florida , USA 
Bad Elvis & Carthage
April 1-17 Collaboration with Omni Zona Franca Havana / Perez Arts Museum, O Miami Poetry Festival
May 4-11 Denizli Festival -Turkey

May USA tour Juggling Gypsy Wilmington NC
June 7-Arts For  Everyone Performance shared evening with Can Do Co Dance Co =Bad Elvis
June 26- July 5 - Ana Desetnica
July  Rehearsals London with Fleur Howle 
August-  Edindurgh Festival
September- 12-23 Alone in the crowd - Slovenia
September 25- Bad Elvis Bucks New University Studio1
October -rehearsals - Mcfuzz
November- rehearsals Carthage
November - Residency- Mcfuzz, Carovana SMI , Sardinia


   January 21- March 5-Bucks New University lectures dance  course   Tuesdays(closed) for BNU students only

January 23rd Master Class Middlesex University London

January 24-27 Rapid Intervention Shoot IOW

February Driving inspiration- Several

February27- March 13th  USA TOUR!!
New York, NY February 28-Workshop New York University , New York City

March 1st -  NO PASSPORT CONFERENCE New York City New York University  SDC 8:00 pm performance
Philadelphia PA March 4th- Performance in Liberty Resources for Festival 2014 Philadelphia PA 4:00 pm performance
North Carolina March-  6th & 7th Schools Tour Fayetteville North Carolina performances start at 1:00 pm (not public) e.mail us if youd like to attend
March 8th Guggling Gypsy Cafe performance , wilmington North Carolina Open to the public visit Juggling Gypsy CafeWebsite,  8:00 show
 Miami public performances Miami Florida
March 10, 2013 at 6:00Pm
Robert King High Park
7025 W Flagler St

Miami, FL 33144 
March 11, 2013 at 5:30PM! March 11, 2013 at 5:30PM
Inkub8 Studios
2021 NW 1st Pl
Miami, FL 33127
 For booking information,, please contact
VP: 786-477-4221
Text: 786-371-6049

 March 14-17 Peyrot's Stolen DollsOpen Workshops at Bucks New University(open to the public)

March  22-26 ETHOS INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL ANKARA Public performances
April 9- May 10th     Peyrot's Stolen Dolls R&D Production UK

May 13-June 3 Research develoment USA (Several)
May 10th Showing of R&D Peyrots Stolen Dolls Bucks New University Public performance
 May 18th Middle Sex university Event
June  6th  Performance East Platform Luton UK
June 14th Performance , Utrecht Holland
July 15& 16 - March 2013  BAD ELVIS! Collaboration with BBC radio 4 -director Sue Roberts , writer Katy Hims 
July 3,4,5  Residency- Graz Tingle Tangle Fest
August 7-11  Residency San Francisco Bay Area Dance Fest
August 13-22 Residency Anti Heroes & McFuzz with Margaret Kaplan

September -December Throughout Production of Bad Elvis Collaboration with BBC & CARTHAGE by Caridad Scvich 

September 9-14 Residency Graz  Development of Caridad Scvich's CARTHAGE
September 21st  Bermondsley Street Arts Festival

September 25th - Performance of  'The Other Side Of The Coin' Bucks New university 
October (throughout) Residency at HAT FACTORY , developement of 'Peyrots Stolen Dolls'
November 9th London Deaf Arts Fest Rich Mix London
Rich Mix
November 28th & 29th -Performance R&D Peyrots Stolen Dolls -Hat Factory
                    November 30th & December 3rd   Together Fest London The other Side of The Coin & Peyrots Stolen Dolls
December 11th Bad Elvis seminar



Plus !have a look at what we did in 2010 and 2011 by scrolling down!
January 23-March 6 Bucks New University lectures dance & physical theatre course

Feb 8th-
   SignHealth Wycombe Event 

March 13-18th- First Impressions 

March 25- April 1st  Ethos Festival  project development with new show and previews

April 13-29th 
  Warehouse Theatre London
May 15 - June 14 The Fayettes Ville Arts Project
Driving Inspiration
June 17th Performance High Wycombe New Gold and Half A Penny
Throughout The Year - Driving Inspiration

June 18 U.K Voluntary Arts Org Conference London

 June 28 - July 8 Ana Desetica Festival Ljubljana 
Lent Festival Maribor City Of Culture
Tingle Tangle Austria   July 5th & 6th

July 29th London 2012 Festival SHOWTIME! Bromley Half A Penny 3:00pm /New Gold 4:00pm

August 8-12 Estonia Tallin Deaf 7th  international Culture Festival  

August 26 London 2012 Festival SHOWTIME! Haringey Tottenham Green Leisure 12.00Half A Penny 15.55 New Gold

August 31London 2012 Festival SHOWTIME! Elfield Town Park Cecil Road 17.00 New Gold 18.30 Half A Penny

September2   London 2012 Festival SHOWTIME Southwark / Peckam Square 5:00-6:00pm

       September 7th Southbank. International Conference

       September 3rd and 5th performances in Stratford London St.Johns Church
        times TBC
      September 27-November 27 The Meeting Room Installation- Seven Oakes Gallery-Kent

        September 29th - Half A Penny- The Art Of Discrimination

       Oct 4th  9th  Master Classes at Bucks Uni -closed

        October 15-28th Rehearsals and Tour- Austria - Half A Penny & The Other side Of The Coin 
20th performance Half A Penny outdoors Graz
22nd Dead Days Beyong Help Gig Graz
25th Dead Days Beyond Hep at KulturrWerkstaat 7.30pm onwards 
26th Preview of  the other Side of the Coin 7:30pm 

November 8th-19th  Rapid Intervention Film Isle Of Wight


 November 19th - December 11th  BucksNew University Physical Theatre Modules * Mondays and Tuesdays  / Disability History Month with TOGETHER FEST

December 12th-January 15th Fayettesville Arts  Project N.C USA

  media  education internationalperformance
February 19-26 Company Residence in Canary Islands @ Club Sirocco Hotel Lanzarote supported by the Rodriguez Foundation Puerto Rico


January 2011- July 14th 2011  For 35 days SDC is at Driving Inspiration  creating three amazing collaboration projects with young people across the South East in collaboration with Animator -David Bunting  and artist Christine Wilkinson. Driving Inspiration is a Creative Bucks / ACCENTUATE project  managed by Vicky Hope-Walker.

 February / March  development of New Work based on the companys award winning duet 'HERE'  the work will  include Deaf actor/ dancer Jacob Casselden ,actor /dancer Laura Goulden , David Bower , Isolte Avila 

February 14- April 4th (throughout)  Courses at Buckinghamshire New University Degree Course dance and Physical theatre at theatre department (with Pedro De Senna -course leader)
Project with Artist Zoe Partington Zollinger
+ Driving Inspiration Cultural Olympiad Projects at Cressex School and Bucks Primary  managed by Vicky Hope-Walker

March 9,10,11,15  David Bower recording a Doctor's episode for the BBC

March 9th Premiere of Sport Dance & Our Right to Relationships ' reflection on Jean Luc Goddard 'Ma Femme Marree ' in -collaboration with  The Innovation Projects at AMI
March 18th Performance Amsterdam with Joke Menssink

March 19th  Performance High Wycombe with Jacob Casseldene and Laura Goulden 

March 23rd Premiere of 'Little Voices'  at the Welsh Assembly director  Chris McFall Producer Chris Colton(see July 28th)

March 30th - April 3 ETHOS FESTIVAL Ankara Turkey

 April - July  2011 CAMPAIGN -An ACCENTUATE Campaign managed by Create Compete Collaborate for the 2012 Olympics - Signdance Campaign  Project is directed and choreographed by Jacob Casselden with Film by David Bower with an international cast of Deaf and Disabled young people

April 7,8, 9
BBC Radio Project  

April 10th -15th    Thessalonikii  School Greece  -   / New Gold Shows +  Campaign !

April 16-20 Quartete Rehearsals Syphnos

May 3rd New Quartete Performance , Pent Valley school Cultural Olympiad Project Driving Inspitration
May 11th Performance New Gold Pent Valley School Kent

May 12th&13th  Residency & performance of New Gold Health & Society Course at Bucks New University  Uxbridge Campus and Arts For Everyone Wycombe (New Arts Centre!)

May 15-June 5th USA Residency  (other Project dates To Be Announced)

June 1-5 SDC in First Impressions!

June  11th-15th  Greek Tour- Athens and Syphnos  'New Gold' 'HERE'

July 6-9  performances  Graz Austria Tingle Tangle Fest  'New Gold'  Plus The New Here  Quartet

June 16th -July 14th Driving Inspiration  Cressex School and Buckinghamshire primary  / New Gold plus further  development of New  work in Slovenia , and touring

July  28th Premiere 'Little Voices ' Cardiff

 August 25 - 28     CAMPAIGN! To Be Me' rehearsals and performances in High Wycombe  and Folkeston U.K

August 29 Collaboration wth Gaming Shakespear

August 30-September 8 BBC Radio 4 Collaboration 'A Small Piece Of Silence' Manchester & Wycombe

August 2,3,5 Gaming Shakespear Appollo's Palace

September 10  LondonDeaf Plus Performance of 'New Gold' with international cast

September 12-16 Resd & Planning with  Diablo Arts Company Shropshire

September 18-28  Thessaloniki Greek Residency
October  1 National Deaf Children's Society Performance Day with SDC @ Wycombe Arts Centre

October 24-Nov 8 Bucks New University Physical Theatre Courses
October 29 performance at Wycombe Arts Centre Launch
November 2nd & 9th 2012 Event

November 15th Talk Back Event BBC Radio 4 @ SDC's base Bucks New University times TBA

November 25-December 5th Lebanon, Beirut Tour 9postponed to March/ April 2012

December 2&3 Training workshops for 'First Impressions' Zoe Partington Zollingers Go Public Project 

December 6th  BBC Diversity Awards UK 'HERE

December 13-16th SignTheatre Workshops and training 

December 7-January 7,2012 
Collaboration with several USA writers script development for new SDC work    
  September - Barcelona Festival Local UK Projects  TBC

2010 May The Gate Theatre Residency

June / July New Gold +  Ana Desetnica and Lent Festivals

August 24-31 New Gold research Development DVD Film available on the New Gold Page on this site!

September 4th New Gold extract   Cafe Choreographique ,  with Hampshire Dance @ The Point in Eastleigh

September 6-19  Ability Media Sport Dance /Winning Conversations
September 21&22 New Gold at BNU Freshers week 

September 27- 29 Winning Coversations Nova Goritza Theatre , Slovenia

 September 30 New Gold performance & Winning Conversasations Graz Tingle Tangle 

October  1&2 Slovenia Deaf Festival HERE & Winning Conversations

October 5th Performance New Gold & Winning Conversation at Buckinghamshire Primary

October 6th  New Gold performance /opening of  Theatre in Aylesbury 'The Waterside Theatre  Driving Insp & New Gold  DVDfilm available from Gary Thomas

October 7th  Winning Conversations @ Driving Inspiration Buckinghamshire Primary

October 8,9,10,15,16,17 Our Right To Relationships Film Project  @ Bucks New University with Ability Media

November 19 & 23  Driving Inspiration at Bucks Primary School

November 24th Little Voices on BBC See Hear