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International Collaborations 2016 -2020

SDC joined Pop Up for Broken City Wall Street in 2016  www.popuptheatrics.com

Promotional Film

 Transmitter Performance 

This is a new collaboration between Signdance Collective www.signdancecollective.co.uk and  Transmitter Performance ​www.transmitterperformance.at

​The work is a dynamic combination of new songs by Angelina Schwammerlin with dance and signtheatre evolving from the lyrics
​Inbetween Spaces looks at human beings falling in between the gaps and nonnegotiable chasms of society amid the hope of friendship ​and Love. An exciting visual music sign dance concert for everyone


Photos in Graz In Between Spaces In Rehearsal 2017
The Turtle Trials Production & International Tour 2018

Immersive Interactive Signdance Theatre with /For Young Audiences 
Coming Soon R&D funded by Arts Council Wales
Throughout North Wales October 2017 !
and Production tour in 2018
In Association with THE UCHELDRE Hollyhead The Story Museum Oxford 
The Juggling Gypsy North Carolina USA Lucia Dessy Scent design  and LMM Productions NYC 
Turtle Trials r&d at Story Museum Oxford with Lucia Dessy 2017

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