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March 21 Bad Elvis SDC collaboration with BBC funded by Arts Council England Premiere Salford University/Media City

The Repertoire






 Bad Elvis- New ! available March 2014- See Bad Elvis under New Collaborative productions and Signdance Radio

 Here- available now  The stunning sign-dance duet featuring SDC's creative directors with film by Caglar Kymyoncu 25minutes

Carthage - available Spring 2015 Written By  Village Voice-Lifetime Award Winner  Caridad Svich Directed By Beatriz Cabur
A Letter From Afar
70 minutes
 The Other Side Of The Coin - Available Autumn 2014 Lorca's early poetry  is the inspiration for this 2012    
  • The pieces are adaptable to many spaces - pubs , theatres , clubs, auditoriums, theatres ,and outdoor venues.
  • Music requirements - 

Bad Elvis is self contained with recoded original music live solo musician  / sung live

Carthage Recorded sound  score by Angelina Shwammerlin 
HERE- Music is live , either with an in-house musician or via engagement of local musicians

  • lighting requirements are discussed at time of booking.
  • Fees travel and accomodation requirements discussed at time of booking.
  • The shows are completely accesible to all audiences, and we are self sufficient with our communication and access  requirements