Turtle Trials Research Development

Inspired by 'Yertle The Turtle' 
By Dr. Seuss.

A signdance theatre interactive performance R&D
In collaboration with The Ucheldre Centre North Wales The Deaf Community N.Wales and a range of wonderful venues we welcome the public to join us in researching this wonderful work for and with  young people

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Inspired by Dr. Seuss's poem "Yertle The Turtle", our interactive project, "The Turtle Trials"  will explore the life of turtles and tortoises and the conservation efforts surrounding their current status as an endangered species. There is more than meets the eye with this intelligent and fascinating animal, one of the oldest life forms on Earth



R&D Tour October 11-29 2017 Please visit the company diary and  take part in The Turtle Trials R&D 


The Turtle Trials International Collaborations