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 "Hynotic, poetic and unruly. The Signdance Collective represent the un-governable energy of art itself, railing and raging against tyrannical forces. Beautiful to behold"

          Caridad Svich, No Passport, New York
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Award Winning touring performance signdance theatre  pioneer,whose creative directors David Bower and Isolte Avila began creating and developing the art 
form-signdance theatre in 1987. 
Signdance Collective International was established as a platform to further signdance theatre  through national and international collaborative works. 

SDC exists to develop creatively brilliant, innovative performances working with an inclusive and diverse ensemble .

Bold & Extraordinary- Signs Of Brilliance ..David Bower and Isolte Avila are something of a Beckettian Duo ****Time Out London

You would be hard pushed to see anything as good as Bad Elvis. It was faultless. *****DAO