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Photo-Signdance Collective Interntional in collaboration with The Iron Heel Collective San Francisco USA Summer 2015


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 "Hynotic, poetic and unruly. The Signdance Collective represent the un-governable energy of art itself, railing and raging against tyrannical forces. Beautiful to behold"

          Caridad Svich, No Passport, New York
  Signdance International Collective's production of Bad Elvis  directed by Margarite Kaplan,  has a superb cast of four, including Cuban (and disabled) dancer Isolte Avila as Mother, Brazilian performer Pedro de Senna, New York actor Irina Kaplan and their Artistic Director, David Bower (yes, that Deaf David from that film) Elvis All of the characters signed although only one was Deaf and it almost seemed an unconscious act, not an obvious 'interpretation'. This combination of movement, music and surreality, particularly in the driving scene, reminded me of the David Glass Ensemble, with its comical yet slightly sinister edge. 

   Sofie Partridge London DAO
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Award Winning touring performance signdance theatre  pioneer,whose creative directors David Bower and Isolte Avila began creating and developing the art 
form-signdance theatre in 1987. 
Signdance Collective International was established as a platform to further signdance theatre  through national and international collaborative works. 

SDC exists to develop creatively brilliant, innovative performances working with an inclusive and diverse international ensemble .

Bold & Extraordinary- Signs Of Brilliance ..David Bower and Isolte Avila are something of a Beckettian Duo ****Time Out London

You would be hard pushed to see anything as good as Bad Elvis. It was faultless. *****DAO