Photos of boxes closed before the photo was taken.

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All photos are copyright Alan Henbest.

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Here is a selection of my photographs of closed boxes.
That is, they were already closed before the photo was taken!
Take the first photo for instance.
Longhope was on the Gloucester to Ross-on-Wye line. Shown here is the Great Western type 7a box built in 1897.  Standing on the  platform, it housed a 17 lever GW stud frame, and worked to Grange Court and Mitcheldean Road. Closed in 1964 along with the rest of the line, it and the station buildings were left to the attentions of Nature.  Photograph taken in 1971.

Next is a photo of the closed Botley box, between Fareham and Eastliegh.  Opened in 1873 by the London and South Western Railway to its type 1 design, it latterly had a 26 lever frame, although this had changed several times.  Although closed as long ago as 20th June 1982, the main structure of the box is still there, as can be seen in this picture of 7th October 2013.

Rogart South.
From Botley, near the English South Coast, we go about 700 miles north to Rogart South, on the Far North line from Dingwall to Wick and Thurso.  Opened in 1894, it is of Dutton/Highland Railway design.  The box closed on 18th August 1985, superceded by Radio Electronic Token Block.  The building is still there, used by permanent way personnel.  Photograph taken on 23rd August 1991.

Still in Scotland, and opened as recently as 11th August 1968, this box is of non standard BR(Sc) design.  The box is on the Highland main line, between Aviemore and Inverness.  After less than 11 years it closed on 24th June 1979, and remains boarded up on the closed station platform.  Seen here in a photograph taken on 11th July 2014.

Aynho Junction.
Aynho Junction is south of Banbury, where the lines from Paddington and Marylebone meet.  The box in the photo, taken on 17th October 1995 from a passing train, is a Great Western type 7d opened in 1910.  It survived 82 years until closure on 9th March 1992, its work taken over by a panel in Banbury South signal box. 

Bruern Crossing.
On the line from Oxford to Worcester, Bruern Crossing sported a wood-built Great Western type 28b signal box.  It closed on 25th November 1973, having been reduced to gate box status in 1971.  Subsequently moved to a nearby garden, it is photographed there on 8th February 1976.

Reading Goods Lines West.
This signal box was opened in 1896, and was built to Great Western type 5.  It was closed on 7th February 1965.  It survived in other use to be photographed on 21st March 1989.

Situated in the beautiful Wye Valley, Tintern Signal Box was opened in 1876.  It is a McKenzie and Holland type 3 design.  Closed on 27th March 1960, it has been renovated, and is now a Nature Information Centre.  Photographed on 29th May 1980.

Between Barmouth Junction and Dolgelly, this Great Western type 31 box was opened here in 1936, but had previously been at Wembley Exhibition Centre.  The box was closed on 18th January 1965, and as can be seen in the photograoph it gradually deteriorated.  The picture was taken on 5th October 1973, since when the box has been completely restored, and is now a Nature Information Centre, like Tintern.

All photos are copyright Alan Henbest.

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