The Signal Box

Signalling and operation of the Railway

Signalling is my main railway interest - I'm not a number taker!  I've been photographing boxes and signals for years now - here and on the next page are a few examples.

Here is an historic photo, of Wooburn Green signalbox interior on its last day of operation, 2nd May 1970.  The bells are to Bourne End (left)

 and Loudwater; between them are repeaters for the lamps in the fixed distant signals.  At the far end is the Key Token instrument to Loudwater. Lots of spare levers, as the goods yard closed a while ago.

Still in use, and ten years older than Wooburn Green, is Eastbourne Box, a Saxby and Farmer type 5 built in 1882. Picture date is 19th June 2000.

Boarded up and disused as a signal box, but externally complete, here is Chorleywood signalbox, photographed on 23rd February 2000.  It is a Metropolitan Railway Type 1 design.

Down Starter at Cookham after resignalling for the new barrier crossing in 1973.