Station Master's Office

This is my office page, and gives contact details on the right hand side, and there used to be a competition in the centre.  I've left the pictures there as they are of unusual subjects.

Here's the fourth. taken on 5.10.73, it shows a rather derelict box well after closure of the line.  Today it is fully restored structuraly. Where is it?

Penmaenpool, Wales. .

The third is what looks like a road sign, but you can see it is beside a railway.  I've never seen this before, and took this photoin 2008.

It is in fact almost opposite Workington No 3 Box, where the lines swing left under a road bridge.

 This second location is Loudwater, on the Bourne End - High Wycombe line, closed in 1970.


OK, the first location was Georgemas Junction, in the Far North of Scotland. A train from the South is signalled into the staion, where it will divide.  The Wick portion will continue, while a new engine will be attached to the rear and head for Thurso, round the curve to the right.  



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