Platform 6 - Bourne End Branch

A few of my photos of the

 Maidenhead to High Wycombe line.

Here is a selection of my photos taken on the Maidenhead  - Bourne End - High Wycombe branch.  Many early ones are in black and white format.  I am still in the process of scanning in negatives, so more will be added later.

The journey starts at Maidenhead with the photos on this page.  Links to the other pages on the right, or use the link at the bottom of the page to move along the branch in sequence.


 First, a view of the branch platform taken on 30th August 1971.  Look, no weeds and scrub!

Green liveried Hymek D7028 hurries by with a Paddington express, while another, D7100 in blue, sits in the car sidings.  The signal box is a BRWR type 37, and controlled only the sidings, branch and connections, not the main line.  Photo taken 13th June 1969

Here is the approach from the branch.  On the end of the platform is the starter, with two arms one above the other.  Note the point rodding beside the train - there was a siding parallel to the branch, and the smaller lower arm on the starter read to that.  13th June 1969

When there was still a double line junction to the branch at Maidenhead, the down relief platform starter S136 was back on the platform, and bracketed out for sighting purposes.  Here Hymek D7051 waits with a down parcels on 7th May 1969.