October 2014

Signalbox Calendar?

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 June 2009:

Articles in Bourne End Community Association's 'Target' Magazine

Recent issues of Target contained an article on Commuting from Bourne End to London.  This was to have been the start of a series of articles, but it seems this will not now be the case.  The articles will instead be published here, in a new area called Reading Room.

During the Spring of 2008 the mechanical ground frame at Bourne End was abolished, and the points converted to power operation.  New signals have been installed on the approach from Maidenhead, and on Platform One - see photo.

This is not actually a signal - as the little plaque shows, it is a Point Indicator.  This explains why the Marlow approach, and Platform Two, do not have them - there are only trailing points here.  The second photo is of the exit from Platform Two.

The installation has not been without its problems.  The Key Token system has not been superceded by anything more modern, and linking the installation of TPWS to the 19th century system has proved problematic!  A reconditioned Token instrument (from Honeybourne-Moreton in Marsh) has been tried, and the third photo is of the two instruments in the Token hut on platform two.

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Photos taken 24th June 2008 with the assistance of the station man.

Full details are on the Marlow and District Railway Society's website -