Liverpool Street Central Line Signal Box

This display is based on photographs taken on 6th November 1990, through the open door of the box.  LT bans flash photography, so these photographs were taken in the available light with my Praktika L. 

Liverpool Street Central Line signal box was situated in a cross-passage between the two platform tunnels.  It was behind a quite ordinary door on the westbound platform, and there was no way of telling it was there unless the door was open.  It controlled the East and Westbound running lines, and two turnback sidings in a third tunnel between the main lines, as well as a trailing crossover to the West of the station.  The turnback sidings served a trains augmenting the main service, across the city to another turnback at Marble Arch.
The box was equipped with a miniature lever frame, and an illuminated panel and train describer. The sections were illuminated unless occupied.  The outer ends of each departing running line were not illuminated.  The Eastbound line is uppermost in the diagram, so Bank is to the left and Bethnal Green to the right..

In the first picture, there are trains in the eastbound platform, and both turnback sidings, as well as the westbound on the way to Bank.  The train in siding two is emerging onto the westbound platform.

The next picture shows the train now fully in the westbound platform.  The eastbound has not moved yet.

The third photo shows that the westbound train has departed, and there is an eastbound approaching from Bank, and another westbound from Bethnal Green.

In the fourth picture the eastbound train is at last on the move from the platform, and the one behind is moving up.  The westbound is almost at the station, and the line to Bank is now clear.

In this photo the first eastbound train is clear of the platform, and the second is clear to move up.  The westbound train is about to enter the platform.

After a change of film (those were the days!), in this photo things are almost back at the start.  The spare train is still in the siding, and there are others approaching from Bank and Bethnal Green.  And not a single red light showing on the diagram!

The last photo shows the westbound tunnel mouth.  On the left the rails in the turnback sidings shine in the tunnel lights, while on the right the dim outline of a train of 1962 stock is about to emerge into the light with a White City train. Picture taken on 19th October 1990.


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