Bus Stand

Buses in Crewe and Guernsey

London's Loss.

A couple of Routemasters stand at Crewe Heritage Centre on 8th August 2009, before leaving for an event.  RMC1490 is nearest the camera, with RML2515 behind.



Here is a front view of RML2515. Compare the beautiful condition of these two buses with the Geurnsey Routemaster pictured below!




 And here is Leyland Titan PD2 double decker FDB 334C.  This was new in December 1965.





Guernsey Buses

Bus services in Guernsey are provided by a fleet of modern single deckers.  Here is 70044 leaving the turning circle at Pembroke Bay.  But in 2007 there was one double decker - an unidentified Routemaster with rather garish paint job!


Modern Bus Stop Post outside Bourne End Station. 4/7/08