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A few pages of information about Alan's interest in railways, signalling, buses, photography, and linking them all together.

Hello, and welcome to my website.

In the few pages here, I try to give you a flavour of my interests.  You will guess from this homepage that they are mostly transport-related.  Please wander round the station and have a look.  And don't forget to visit me in the Stationmaster's Office!

The site is backed by my photographs taken over forty years.  So there will be regular changes. And if you are looking for a picture of a particular location, visit the Station Master's Office and email me.


On reopening day, 6th September 2015.

Their website is

Here's something odd......

Now I know Chris Green was a great one for consolidating and expanding his area of influence when head of Network SouthEast - but Thames trains to Inverness? That's a bit far even by his standards!  21st August 1991.

Photograph is of Taunton West Station signals on 1st July 1980, with the signal box half hidden in the centre of the picture.


Reopened to the public on Sunday 6th September 2015 after redevelopment of the adjacent site, and much work adding to the experience at the box. See photo opposite, with link. Now open twice a month.

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