Implementing IEEE 1641 – RF Stimulus & Measurement

This project, also sponsored by the MOD, was undertaken to verify that IEEE 1641 had the capability to define RF signals and that these signals could be implemented on modern RF test equipment. The specific objective was "to demonstrate that IEEE 1641 is capable of defining and measuring complex Radio Frequency (RF) signals."

As part of the proving process, it was decided that these tests would be implemented on a test system that comprised synthetic instruments, thereby demonstrating that IEEE 1641 is an ideal medium for defining signals and tests for use with any ATS architecture.

In direct correspondence with the principle objective of the project, the demonstration clearly showed that IEEE 1641 is capable of defining and measuring complex RF signals, applying those signals to a Unit Under Test on commercial microwave Synthetic Instrumentation and producing a set of test results for comparison with test results obtained utilizing native mode test software execution on the test system utilized.

Date of Report:    February 2007
Authors:             David Poole & Matt Cornish
Organisation:      Aeroflex & EADS Test Engineering Services (UK) Ltd.

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