A complete test program using IEEE 1641

IEEE 1641 (the Signal and Test Definition Standard) provides a new way to face the development of Test Programs based on the analysis of the signal components involved in the testing of a UUT. The objective of this project was to produce a test program by applying a test development strategy based on that standard, and compare the results with a traditional approach based on ATLAS*.

This report provides information on the method adopted to develop the program and its implementation on the test platform, comments upon the use of 1641 compared to current traditional methods, a quantitative assessment of relative costs associated with the 1641 approach compared to the current approach, and any problems or issues encountered with the use of the Standard

* ATLAS – Automatic Test Language for All Systems (IEEE Std 716)

Date of Report:    October 2007
Author:               José Manuel González Pascual
Organisation:      Indra Sistemas S. A.

29 Nov 2011, 02:32