Local Dues areĀ $8

The national office returns to us about $6 of the annual national dues of each active full member, and until recently this has been our only significant source of annual funding. While we get nothing from the national office for our student members, we feel that our activities with students are at the heart of our mission.

Most local chapters assess local dues. In 2004 we found it necessary to follow suit. Much of our programming is funded by these local dues. The local annual dues are for all full and associate members. It should be noted thatĀ student members are exempt.

Starting July 1, 2009, the local dues are $8 per year. Instead of collecting them locally by sending them to our treasurer, there is a check off box for local dues on the annual invoice that is sent out by the national Sigma Xi office. We encourage all of you to avail yourself of this opportunity to support our local activities.