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     Year                       Events     Speakers
2018-2019 ●  New Member Induction
       Evolution of vocal circuits in Xenopus
●  Research Presentations

Elizabeth Leininger
2017-2018 ●  New Member Induction
       The 2017 Total Eclipse in Nebraska
       Data Insertion and Bitcoin's Blockchain
       Biomass Gasification in a Pilot-scale System
       Controlling Light with Extreme Speeds and Powers 
●  Research Presentations
●  Operations Research

Robert Mitchell
Andrew Sward
Yunye Shi
James van Howe
Mohammad Radar
2016-2017 ●  New Member Induction
       Adsorption of Volatile Organic Compounds
       Investigating Myxococcus Xanthus DK1622
       Exploring the Effects of Stream Topography
       Identifying Problems in Complex Systems
       Privacy, the Facade, Tools and Tactics 

●  Research Presentations
●  Total Solar Eclipse 2017
Amanda Willsmeyer
Kimberly Murphy
Susa Stonedahl
Michael Opar
Shadrack Roberts 

Lee Carkner
2015-2016 ●  Small Organic Molecules with Biological Relevance
●  Research Presentations
●  Probing Fundamental Physics with CMB Radiation
●  Quad Cities Co-Lab Tour (new facilities)
José Boquin
Thomas Crawford
2014-2015 ●  Additive Manufacturing (3D printing)
●  Research Presentations
●  Quad Cities Co-Lab Tour
Eric M. Johnson
2013-2014 ●  What We Can Learn from Imaging Stars in Radio
●  Research Presentations
●  Tour of the Putnam Museum Science Center
William Peterson
2012-2013 ●  Biogeography and Avian Research in Northwest Greenland
●  Research Presentations
●  NOVA Science Now
       Space Dangers
       Can I Eat That?
       Personal DNA Testing 
Jennifer Burnham

Nathan Frank
Amy Gorowsky
Matthew Halfhill 

2011-2012 ●  Undergraduate Research in Neutron-rich Atomic Nuclei
●  Research Presentations
●  NOVA Science Now
       Revealing the Origins of Life
       Magic and the Brain
       Smart Grid  
Nathan Frank

Patrick Crawford
Ian Harrington
James van Howe 
2010-2011 ●  Finding a Place in Space in the Auditory Forebrain
●  Research Presentations
●  NOVA Science Now
       Origins of the Solar System
       Can We Slow Aging
       Lice and Human Evolution 
Ian Harrington

Lee Carkner
Matthew Halfhill
Allison Beck 
2009-2010 ●  Noninvasive Chemical Monitors for Medicine and Biotech
●  Research Presentations
●  NOVA Science Now
       Alien Earths
       Picky Eaters
       Bird Brains
Mark Arnold

Lee Carkner
Matthew Halfhill
Ian Harrington 
2008-2009 ●  Dig It! The Secrets of Soil
●  Research Presentations
●  NOVA Science Now
       Dark Matter
       First Primates
       Killer Microbe
Patrick Megonigal

Lee Carkner
Allison Beck
Shannon Mackey 
2007-2008 ●  Telecommunication Technology for Biomedical Imaging
●  Research Presentations
●  The Role of Humanity in Global Warming
James van Howe

Donald Wobbles 
2006-2007 ●  Reptiles and Origins of Mammalian Locomotion
●  Research Presentations
●  NOVA Science Now
       Mass Extinction
Allison Beck

Robert Mitchell
William Hammer
Heather Mattern
2005-2006 ●  Avian Research on the Upper Mississippi River
●  Research Presentations
●  NOVA Science Now
       10th Planet - Xena
       Prime Numbers
       Pandemic Bird Flu
       Stem Cell Update 
●  Should We Tell our Daughters to Become Scientists?
●  Science at the Nanoscale
Kelly McKay

Robert Mitchell
Douglas Nelson
Matthew Halfhill
Kristin Douglas
Talat Rahman
Talat Rahman
2004-2005 ●  Research on the Leading Edge of Automation
●  Research Presentations
●  Premiere of NOVA Science Now
       Mirror Neurons
       Killer Storms 

●  The Diverse and Imperiled Illinois Flora
William R. (Bob) Norris

Robin Anderson
Bob Norris
Neil Kastor
Jason Koontz
2003-2004 ●  Beyond Bread and Beer
●  Research Presentations
●  A Neanderthal in Your Closet?
●  Emerging Infections from SARS to West Nile Virus
Pamela Trotter
Milford Wolpoff
Mary Gilchrist
2002-2003  Changes in State Requirements for Teacher Ed in Science
●  Tour - Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research
 Basic Concepts of Accelerators and Synchrotron Radiation
Ron Vail, Sally Rigeman
David Williams, John Kulpin
2001-2002 ●  The Search for Water at Mars
●  Searching for the Truth in a Make-Believe World
●  Tour - John Deere Technology Center
●  Biotechnology and Ethics
Donald Gurnett
Keith Miller
Gopal Revankar
Kristen Hessler
2000-2001 ●  Monitoring Frogs and Toads in North Central Illinois
    Earth Science from Orbit
Stephen Hager
Alan Nelson
1999-2000 ●  Season of Light
    Acoustics of Caribbean Steel Drums
    Glacial Geology in Alaska
Lee Carkner
Thomas Rossing
Jeff Strasser
1998-1999 ●  The Future of the Liberal Arts and Sciences
    Recreational Boating and Aquatic Ecosystems
    An Excursion to the Land of Polyhedra
Steven Jay Gould
Tim Asplund
Margaret Bayer
1997-1998 ●  The Evolution of the Earth's Continents
    Atanasoff-Berry Computer
    Poster Session 
    Laser Holography and the Photonic Revolution
Michael Wolf
John Hauptmann

Tung Jeong
1996-1997 ●  The Reconstruction of Prehistoric Health
Poster Session 
    Comet Hale-Bopp
    A Seven Thousand Mile Trek Down Under
Steven Duray

Cecilia Vogel, David Renneke
Bohdan Dziadyk