Constitution and Bylaws

John Deere Chapter of Sigma Xi
The Scientific Research Society of North America

Article I.  Name and Object.

Section 1. The name of this organization is the John Deere Chapter of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society of North America.

Section 2. The object of this Chapter Is the same as that set forth in the Constitution of the National Society of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society of North America, viz, to encourage original investigation in science, pure and applied.

Section 3. This Chapter recognizes the same fields as does the National Society of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society of North America.

Section 4. The activities of the Chapter shall be those appropriate to the accomplishment of the object of the Society and particularly those set forth in the Bylaws.

Article II.  Organization.

Section 1. Those members of the Chapter on the staff of the, Deere Technology Center - Moline as the institution that initiated the original John Deere Branch of RESA, accept the responsibility of maintaining its integrity as set forth in Article V, Section I of the Constitution of The National Society of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society of North America. This in no way is to be construed as limiting membership and office to employees of Deere and Company.

Section 2. The control of the Chapter is vested in the officers of the Chapter.

Article III.  Meetings.

Section 1. The Chapter shall meet at least twice annually at such time and place as may be determined by the officers of the Chapter.  Due notice shall be given each member in writing or by e-mail.

Section 2.  At any duly called meeting, the members present shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of Chapter business.

Article IV.  Officers of the Chapter.

Section 1. The officers of the Chapter shall consist of the President, President-Elect, Past President,  Secretary-Treasurer, and Webmaster elected from the Members of the Chapter.

Section 2. The duties of the officers shall be those which usually pertain to several offices and particularly as indicated below.

(a) President. (i) Shall call executive meetings, (ii) appoint the Nominating Committee (at least one month prior to election), (iii) be ex officio chair of the Committee on Admissions, (iv) preside at meetings, (v) be responsible for overall functioning of the Chapter, and (vi) maintain liaison with the Executive Director of the National Society.

(b) President-Elect. (i) Shall perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President, (ii) assist the President when necessary, (iii) be organizer and expediter of the Committee on Admissions, (iv) and assist the Secretary-Treasurer with financial records when necessary.

(c) Past President. Shall be the Program Chair and be responsible for program arrangements: (i) speaker and transportation of speaker, (ii) places of meetings, (iii) refreshments and banquet, (iv) physical arrangements (visual aids, projectors, etc.), and (v) related details (printing of initiation program, etc.)

(d) Secretary-Treasurer.  (i) Shall take minutes of meetings, (ii) keep financial records, collecting and disbursing funds as required, (iii) be chair of the Budget Committee, (iv) prepare the annual assessment statement, (v) give a financial report at the annual meeting of the Chapter, (vi) do miscellaneous correspondence as required, (vii) send required reports to the National Headquarters, and (viii) be custodian of the of the Chapter archives.  This is a three year renewable term.

(e) Webmaster.  (i) Shall maintain the Web pages of the Chapter including this constitution and an archive, (ii) maintain the e-mail list of members, and (iii) send notices as needed via e-mail.  This is a three year renewable term.

Section 3. (a) On call of the President, the officers of the Chapter shall meet in executive session not less than twice annually. (b) The officers may appoint temporary committees and establish standing committees composed of Chapter members. The term of service for any committee, not otherwise dissolved, shall expire at the end of the year following the election meeting.

Section 4. All officers of the Chapter shall be elected annually by the members. Election may be either by ballot prior to the election meeting, or at a duly called meeting during the first six months of each calendar year. The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee at least one month prior to the election. This committee shall include representatives from both industrial and academic organizations. This committee shall make at least one nomination for each office to be filled. Any member may make additional nominations to the President. Such nominations shall be made 30 days prior to the date of the annual election meeting and must include assurance that the person nominated will serve if elected.

Section 5. (a) The terms of office shall begin on July 1 following the election and shall continue for the period specified above or until successors are elected. The officers-elect shall be eligible to attend any executive session that may take place between the time of their election and the beginning of their term of office.  (b) In case of a vacancy in an office, the officers meeting in executive session, are authorized to fill the office for the unexpired term.

Article V.  Membership.

Section l. The membership of this Chapter shall consist of Members and Associate Members, all of whom have been duly elected to membership as provided in Article VI following. As used in this Constitution and its Bylaws, Member (with a capital initial letter) refers to a person who has been elected to the grade of Member, as defined in Section 2, Article V, of this Constitution, and member or membership (without capital initial letter) refers to the entire membership as defined in Section 1, Article V, of this Constitution.

Section 2. The following and no others are eligible for election as Members by the Chapter as provided in Article VI of this Constitution: (a) Any person who, as judged by results or performance of scientific investigation, pure or applied, has clearly demonstrated achievement in scientific research or ability to pursue or direct independent scientific research. (b) Election may be by the Chapter or by the Governing Board of the Society.

Section 3. The following and no others are eligible for election as Associate Members by the Chapter as provided in Article VI of this Constitution: Any person who has shown marked evidence of aptitude for scientific research as judged by performance in assisting in scientific research or by scholarly attainment in one or more fields of pure or applied science.

Section 4. A Member or Associate Member of any chapter or a Member or Associate Member-at-large, who, because of change in residence, desires to transfer his membership to the John Deere Chapter may be enrolled as a Member or Associate Member on presenting satisfactory credentials and paying dues.

Section 5. Membership in the Chapter is contingent upon the provisions of Article VIII, Section 3 of this Constitution. Chapter members are defined as Members and Associate Members of the Society who have been either elected to membership or enrolled in the Chapter in accordance with sections 1 through 4 of this Article.

Section 6. Termination of membership in the Chapter as a result of change in residence or for other reasons, does not terminate membership in the Society, but automatically places the member or Associate Member on the unaffiliated membership roll maintained in the national headquarters, until such Member or Associate Member joins another Chapter or club or enrolls as a Member-at-large.

Article VI. Election of Members and Associates

Section 1. (a) The election of Members and Associate Members shall be by the regular and duly constituted action of the Chapter. Each nomination for membership (1) shall be made in writing on nomination forms supplied by Secretary-Treasurer; (2) shall be signed by at least two Members of the Chapter as nominator and seconder. Such written nominations shall be sent to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Chapter and transmitted by him to the President of the Chapter who shall be Chairman, ex officio, of a Committee on Admissions, not less than five in number, each of whom has been elected by ballot at an annual election. Committee members should represent both industrial and academic organizations.

(b) The Committee on Admissions shall carefully consider all nominations that have been submitted to it, and shall recommend to the Chapter for election those candidates for membership who have been unanimously approved by the Committee.

(c) The Members of the Chapter (1) shall vote only on the candidates whose credentials have unanimously been approved by the Committee on Admissions; an affirmative vote of at least three-fourths of the votes cast shall be necessary for election to membership, or (2) the Members may empower the Committee on Admissions to elect to membership or associate membership those persons who have been unanimously approved by the Committee.

Section 2. It shall be the duty of the Committee on Admissions to examine annually the records of Associate Members previously elected and currently active with the Chapter and to present to the Chapter for promotion to full membership such Associate Members as have fulfilled eligibility requirements. Also, any Associate Member may submit evidence of research accomplished to the Secretary of the Chapter as a basis of consideration for promotion to Member.

Article VII. Initiation.

Section 1. Each Member-elect and Associate Member-elect shall, before exercising the privileges of membership, he initiated in accordance with the form prescribed in Article IX of the Constitution of the National Society.

Section 2. Initiation of new members shall take place at a special initiation banquet which will occur in the fall of the year.

Section 3. Students who become qualified for membership in their senior year may be nominated and initiated at a spring meeting.

Article VIII. Dues and Expenses.

Section 1. The operating expenses of the Chapter shall be met by such assessments on the membership as may be recommended by the officers and authorized by plurality vote of an annual election meeting.

Section 2. The initiation fee of each newly elected Member or Associate Member shall be collected by the Chapter Treasurer and forwarded to the Treasurer of the National Society.

Section 3. Members and Associate Members of the Chapter, whether by election or by affiliation, shall remit chapter and national annual dues directly to National Headquarters as billed. Any member or Associate Member in arrears for Chapter dues shall he dropped from the rolls in accordance with the Bylaws of the Chapter.

Article IX. Amendments.

This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the Members present at the annual election meeting, provided such amendments have first been considered by the officers and proposed by them to the Members not less than sixty days before the meeting. The mailing or e-mailing of such proposed amendments to the last known business address, home address, or e-mail address of each Member shall be adequate and full notice to the members as required by the terms of this article.

Article X. Bylaws.

The annual election meeting of the Chapter may establish or modify such Bylaws as may be necessary for the proper government of the Chapter, provided such Bylaws do not in any way modify or conflict with the Constitution of the Chapter or the Constitution of the National Society. Bylaws become operative if they are adopted by at least a two-thirds vote of the membership present at the meeting.


Bylaw I.  Activities of the Chapter.

The following activities are among those recognized as appropriate to the fulfillment of the object of the Chapter as stated in Article 1, Section 2, of the Constitution:  the election to membership and associate membership in the Society of persons who have fulfilled the requirements for membership as stated in Article V of the Constitution; the maintenance of companionship among investigators in the various fields of science; and the holding of meetings for the discussion of scientific subjects.

Bylaw II.  Order of Business at the Annual Election Meeting.

The order of business at the Annual Election Meeting of the Chapter shall be as follows: (a) Reading and approval of minutes of the last meeting, (b) report of the President, (c) report of the Secretary-Treasurer including annual assessment, (d) reports and recommendations of committees, (e) election of officers, (f) adjournment.

Bylaw III.  Budget and Finance.

Section 1. The finances of the Chapter are the primary concern of the Budget Committee which shall consist of the officers of the Chapter with the Secretary-Treasurer as chair. It shall be the duty of this committee to prepare and recommend an annual budget including an annual assessment for adoption at the annual election meeting.

Section 2. Annual local Chapter dues shall be eight dollars; billing for local dues will be included in the national billing.

Bylaw IV.  Reinstatement of Inactive Members.

Any Member or Associate Member who has not paid her/his national and local dues for the current fiscal year shall be considered inactive. An inactive member will be reinstated to active status when proof of payment of national and local dues to National Headquarters is given.

Bylaw V.  Chapter Funds.

If a chapter dissolves or is out of good standing for 5 years, any and all funds which were the direct result of local dues and chapter support must be returned to the Society as outlined below:

  1. If a chapter dissolves or is out of good standing for 5 years, the chapter must make notification to Chapter Services thereof and return a check, made payable to “Sigma Xi,” in the amount of chapter funds to the Society and if chapter funds are held in the society’ main account for the chapter. All returned funds shall be transferred to the chapter revitalization fund by the society treasurer.

  2. If a chapter dissolves or is out of good standing for 5 years and its chapter funds are maintained by and comingled with an educational or commercial entity which also provided chapter financial support, a fair division of funds will be mutually agreed upon by the chapter, the educational or commercial entity and the Society.

  3. If a chapter dissolves or is out of good standing for 5 years and reactivates within the next 5 years, the Society will return to the chapter the original funds returned by the chapter, in an amount not to exceed $5,000.

  4. If a chapter dissolves or is out of good standing for 5 years and remains dormant for the next 5 years or more, then reactivates, the chapter will have forfeited its returned chapter funds. At the time of reactivation, the Society will, however, work with the chapter to provide support to spur reactivation.