2005 Sigma Delta Golf Classic

Clifton Springs Country Club

Clifton Springs, New York

July 30, 2005


1st Annual Sigma Delta Golf Classic




July 30 , 2005

Clifton Springs Country Club (between Syracuse and Rochester)


We've got a lock on 30 guys and we're trying to get between 50 and 100.  We have guys from mid-60's to current members coming.  There is a solid 80's, 90's, and '00 contingent coming.  The buzz is strong on this one.  Help make the first year a success.


With the brain trust scheduling Patty's Day the day before Easter, this is a good excuse to travel to Central NY.  It'll be worth the trek.  Some making a big effort - MacCarrick is coming in from London to attend.  Let me know if you're interested?


Curt Provenzo '93