Welcome to the SIGMAA TAHSM (Teaching Advanced High School Mathematics) website. TAHSM was founded in 2004 and began membership in 2005.

The mission of SIGMAA TAHSM is to support MAA members who share an interest in issues related to post-precalculus mathematics at the secondary school level by providing a forum for exchanging ideas, fostering increased understanding of these issues within the MAA, increasing the dialogue between the MAA and high school teachers, and utilizing expertise of the members in guiding and improving mathematical opportunities for advanced high school students.

There are often TAHSM sessions at the summer MathFest meetings in early August each year. Sessions are designed to appeal to the high school and university faculty who are teaching courses in calculus, statistics, discrete mathematics, and other topics that bridge the classes after precalculus and before the mathematics that begin the studies of a mathematics major. The 2011 MathFest was held in Lexington, KY from August 2-4, 2011. Links to presentations for the TAHSM session "Beautiful Lessons Found on the Scenic Route" are here.

MathFest 2016 will be held in Columbus, OH from August 4-7, 2016. Register at www.maa.org/mathfest.

NOTE:  New opportunity for high school teachers to join MAA (and TAHSM) for a low cost.

To join SIGMAA TAHSM, you must first be a member of the MAA. For information on joining the MAA, please visit http://www.maa.org/mbsvcs/individual.html.   The annual SIGMAA membership fee for MAA members is $12 (US dollars) on top of your MAA dues. We welcome all MAA members in creating a vibrant and active SIGMAA.  

If you have any questions regarding membership in SIGMAA TAHSM or the goals and activities of the SIGMAA, please contact Bob Sachs (Chair of TAHSM) at